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Etruscan Art in Ancient Rome

Greek and Roman Art, Rome, Etruscan

Works of Art (19)

Alabastron (perfume vase), ca. 600 B.C.; Archaic, Etruscan, Etrusco-Corinthian, Terracotta (26.60.94)
Alabastron, Archaic, early 6th century B.C., Etruscan (said to be from Vulci), Alabaster (2008.332)
Amphora (Jar) with Lid, 3rd quarter of the 6th century B.C., Etruscan, black-figure, Pontic ware, Terracotta (2012.26a,b)
Barrel oinochoe, 8th–early 7th century B.C.; Italo-Geometric, Italian peninsula, possibly Campania or Etruria, Terracotta (1975.363)
Baule earring, 6th century B.C., Etruscan, Gold and enamel (1994.374)
Chariot, ca. 550–525 B.C., Etruscan, Bronze, ivory (03.23.1)
Cinerary urn with lid, ca. 500 B.C.; Archaic, Etruscan, Campanian, Bronze (40.11.3a,b)
Cinerary urn, 2nd century B.C.; Hellenistic, Etruscan, Terracotta (96.9.223a,b)
Cinerary urn, late 4th or early 3rd century B.C., Etruscan, Alabaster (96.9.225a,b)
Front of a limestone block from the stepped base of a funerary monument, mid-6th century B.C.; Archaic, Signed by Phaidimos, Greek, Attic, Limestone (16.174.6)
Globular cup with two handles, last quarter of 6th century B.C., Etruscan, Terracotta (2009.316)
Mirror, ca. 350 B.C.; Late Classical, Etruscan, Bronze (09.221.16)
Relief of a woman and youth reclining, late 6th–early 5th century B.C., Etruscan, Amber (17.190.2067)
Ring, late 4th or early 3rd century B.C.; Late Classical or Hellenistic, Etruscan, Gold (03.24.34)
Ring, late 6th–early 5th century B.C., Etruscan, Gilt silver (1995.40)
Set of jewelry, early 5th century B.C.; late Archaic, Etruscan, Gold, glass, rock crystal, agate, carnelian (40.11.7-.18)
Statuette of a standing maiden, late 6th century B.C., Etruscan; Italy, Etruria, Bronze (17.190.2066)
Thymiaterion (incense burner) with Marsyas, late 4th century B.C.; Classical, Etruscan, Bronze (1972.118.87)
Vase in the shape of a cockerel, second half of 7th century B.C., Etruscan, Terracotta (24.97.21ab)