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Embroidery from West Asia

Embroidery, West Asia

Works of Art (7)

Bag, 17th century, Iran, Canvas, embroidered in silk and metal thread (29.23.24)
Batrashil, Mamluk period (1250–1517), 1336, Syria, Silk backed with heavy linen (14.137)
Ensemble, late 19th–early 20th century, Palestinian, Silk, wool, metallic thread (C.I.39.91.14a–f)
Hanging, Qajar period (1779–1925), 19th century, Iran, Rasht, wool, plain weave, joined, embroidered (10.33.1)
Qur'an case, Nasrid period, second half of 15th century, Spain, Leather embroidered with gilt-silver wire (04.3.458)
Towel end, Ottoman period (ca. 1299–1923), early 19th century, Turkey, Linen, silk, metal-wrapped thread, plain weave, embroidered (79.1.275)
Towel, 19th century, Turkey, Linen (26.34.65)