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Egyptian Art in the Roman Period

Egyptian Art, Roman Period

Works of Art (7)

Head of Augustus, Roman Period, 27–20 B.C., Egyptian, Blue-green (glassy?) faience (26.7.1428)
Mummy Mask, Roman period, ca. A.D. 60–70, Egyptian; possibly from Middle Egypt, Meir (Mir), Cartonnage, plaster, paint, plant fibers (19.2.6)
Mummy with an inserted panel portrait of a youth, 80–100 A.D.; Roman Period, Egypt, Fayum, Hawara (Hawwara, Hawwaret el-Maqta; Adlan), Petrie, Encaustic on limewood, linen, human remains (11.139)
Panel painting of a woman in a blue mantle, Roman Period, 54–68, Egyptian, Encaustic on wood (2013.438)
Portrait of a Boy, Roman period, 2nd century, Egyptian, Encaustic on wood (18.9.2)
Temple of Dendur, Roman period, reign of Augustus Caesar, ca. 15 B.C., Egyptian; from Nubia, Dendur, Sandstone (68.154)
Terracotta Figure of Isis-Aphrodite, Roman period, 2nd–3rd century, Egyptian, Alluvial clay; brown, black, red, and pink paint on white englobe (1991.76)