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15th–17th Dynasties of Egypt in the Second Intermediate Period

Egyptian Art, 2nd Intermediate Period, Dynasties 15–17

Works of Art (3)

Bucranium, Egyptian Second Intermediate Period, ca. 1640–1550 B.C., Medjayu (Pan-Grave), Bone and horn painted with red, black, and white (16.2.23)
Drinking Cup, ca. 1900–1550 B.C., C-Group; From Faras, Lower Nubia, grave 110, Griffith excavations, Polished black ware with decoration filled with white pigment (13.125.28A)
Storage Jar, ca. 2000–1600 B.C., C-Group; From Faras, Upper Nubia, grave 3, Griffith excavations, Red and black ware with incised linear decoration (13.125.29)