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Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt in the Late Period

Egyptian Art, Late Period, Dynasty 25

Works of Art (10)

Djed pillar, Late Period (ca. 688–332 B.C.), Egyptian, Faience (89.2.539)
Head of a Priest, 4th century B.C., Egyptian, Basalt (1989.281.102)
Jug with a lion handle, late Dynasty XIX–Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1188–712 B.C.), From Bubastis, Silver (07.228.187)
Kushite Pharaoh, Late Period, Dynasty 25, ca. 713–664 B.C. Egyptian Bronze with gilding (2002.8)
Menat of Taharqo, Late Period, Dynasty 25, reign of Taharqo, ca. 690–664 B.C., Egyptian, Faience (41.160.104)
Ram's-Head Amulet, Late Period, Dynasty 25, ca. 712–657 B.C., Egyptian/Nubian, Gold (1989.281.98)
Stele of Shabaqo, Late Period, Dynasty 25, reign of Shabaqo, ca. 712–698 B.C., Egyptian, Limestone (55.144.6)
Stele of Shebitqo, Late Period, Dynasty 25, ca. 707–690 B.C., Egyptian, Limestone (65.45)
Taweret, Late Period (ca. 712–332 B.C.), Egyptian, Faience (04.2.365)
Torso of a striding statue of a general, 4th century B.C., Egyptian, Schist (1996.91)