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Eastern Javanese Period in Indonesian Art

Asian Art, South and Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Eastern Javanese Period

Works of Art (9)

Buddhist Guardian Mahabala, Eastern Javanese period, 11th century, Indonesia (Java), Bronze (1995.570.4)
Column surround with pensive woman, Eastern Javanese period, 14th–15th century, Indonesia (Java), Majapahit kingdom, Terracotta (1992.151)
Enthroned Buddha Attended by the Bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani, Early Eastern Javanese period, second half of the 10th century, Java, Indonesia, Bronze (2004.259)
Four deities from a Vajradhatu (Diamond World) Mandala, Eastern Javanese period, fourth quarter of 10th–first half of 11th century, Indonesia (Java, Nganjuk), Bronze (1987.142.5, 7-9)
Posthumous Portrait of a queen as Parvati, Eastern Javanese period, ca. early 14th century, Indonesia (Java), Andesite (2001.407)
Pull toy of a cart and driver, Eastern Javanese period, ca. 15th century, Indonesia (Java), Majapahit kingdom, Bronze (1987.142.261a-c)
Seated female ascetic, Eastern Javanese period, 15th–16th century, Indonesia (Java), Majapahit kingdom, Bronze (1997.435)
Standing boar, Eastern Javanese period, ca. 14th century, Indonesia (Java), Bronze (1987.142.259)
Top of a bell in the form of a demon king or guardian, Eastern Javanese period, ca. second half of 12th–early 13th century, Indonesia (Java), Bronze (1987.142.17)

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