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Gouache Drawing

Drawing, Gouache

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Allegory of the Redemption of the World, 1528–88, Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) (Italian), Pen and black ink, brush and gray wash, highlighted with white gouache, on gray washed paper (61.203)
Arcadian Landscape with Three Figures at a Lake, 1792, Johann Christian Reinhart (German), Rome, Black chalk and white gouache on two sheets of brown paper, laid down (2007.264)
The Artist's Portfolio, Pont-Aven, 1894, Paul Gauguin (French), Two inside covers decorated in watercolor and gouache, over charcoal, with graphite; outer cover bound in leather, inscribed in pen and ink (2000.255)
Colburn's Butte, South Utah, 1873, Thomas Moran (American, born England), Graphite, watercolor, and gouache on blue wove paper (2009.547)
A Corridor in the Asylum, late May or early June 1889, Vincent van Gogh (Dutch), Black chalk and gouache on pink Ingres paper (48.190.2)
The Fountain, No. 1: The Wounded Indian Slaking His Death Thirst, 1843, Thomas Cole (American), Graphite and white gouache on green wove paper (1977.182.7)
From Oscar Wilde, 1974, Anselm Kiefer (German), Watercolor and gouache on paper (2000.96.3)
Great Indian Fruit Bat, ca. 1777–82, Circle of Bhawani Das, India (Calcutta), Pencil, ink, and watercolors on paper (2008.312)
A Hedgehog, before 1584, Hans Hoffmann (German), Watercolor and gouache on parchment (2005.347)
Jean Charles Garnier d'Isle (1697–1755), Maurice Quentin de La Tour (French), Pastel and gouache on paper, laid down on canvas (2002.439)
Kirtlington Park, Oxfordshire: View of the Dining Room, 1876, Susan Alice Dashwood (English), Watercolor and gouache over graphite (1993.28)
Landscape (recto and verso), 1489–90, Perugino (Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci) (Italian), Brush and brown wash, highlighted with white gouache, on gray-green prepared paper (1993.327)
Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom, 2000, Anselm Kiefer (German), Gouache, sand, ash, and charcoal on two torn and pasted photographs (2001.557)
My Father Pledged Me a Sword, 1974–75, Anselm Kiefer (German), Watercolor, gouache, and ballpoint pen on paper (1995.14.14)
Seated Young Woman, Adam Elsheimer (German), Gouache on brown paper (1997.373)
St. Eustace, 1974, Anselm Kiefer (German), Watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil on paper (2000.96.4)
Still Life with Flowers, a Snail, and Insects, 1589, Joris Hoefnagel (Netherlandish), Watercolor, gouache, and shell gold on vellum (2008.110)
Temptation of Saint Anthony (recto); Fantastic Landscape (verso), ca. 1510–20, Jan Wellens de Cock (Netherlandish), Pen, or point of the brush, and gray ink, heightened with white, on green prepared paper (1972.118.276)
The Unknown Masterpiece, 1982, Anselm Kiefer (German), Watercolor, gouache, graphite pencil, cut-and-pasted printed papers on paper (2000.96.8)
Winter Landscape, 1970, Anselm Kiefer (German), Watercolor, gouache, and graphite pencil on paper (1995.14.5)
A Wooded River Landscape with a Church and Figures, 1613, Hendrick Avercamp (Dutch), Gouache, watercolor, over lead point or graphite, on paper prepared with gouache; framing line in pen and brown ink and gold paint (2013.646)
Yggdrasil, ca. 1980, Anselm Kiefer (German), Gouache and acrylic on photograph (1995.14.36)
Your Golden Hair, Margarete, 1980, Anselm Kiefer (German), Watercolor, gouache, and acrylic on paper (2000.96.7)