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Daumier, Honoré

(French, 1808–1879)

Works of Art (5)

Council of War, 1872, Honoré Daumier (French), Lithograph (22.63.7)
Le Passé–Le Présent–L'Avenir (Past, Present, Future), January 9, 1834, Honoré Daumier (French), Lithograph (41.16.1)
The Legislative Belly, 1834, Honoré Daumier (French), Lithograph (20.60.5)
Rue Transnonain, April 15, 1834, August and September 1834, Honoré Daumier (French), Lithography (20.23)
The Third-Class Carriage, ca. 1862–64, Honoré Daumier (French), Oil on canvas (29.100.129)