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Women's Clothing from South America

Clothing, organized by wearer, Women's, South America

Works of Art (5)

Feathered Tunic, 12th–15th century, Peru, Chimú, Cotton, feathers (63.163)
Miniature Dress, 12th–13th century, Peru; Ica (?), Cotton, feathers (1979.206.639)
Woman's Dress, 14th–early 16th century, Peru; Chuquibamba, Camelid hair (1995.109)
Woman's Mantle (Lliclla), colonial period (17th century or later), Central Andean, Tapestry-woven (weft-patterned) camelid wool (1994.35.67)
Woman's Mantle (Lliclla), colonial period (late 16th–early 17th century), Central Andean, Tapestry-woven (weft-patterned) camelid wool (08.108.10)

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