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Coat / Outerwear

Clothing, Coat/Outerwear

Works of Art (50)

"Bar" suit and jacket, spring/summer 1947, Christian Dior (French); Christian Dior Haute Couture (French), Silk shantung (C.I.58.34.30)

Skirt, executed in 1969 from a 1947 design, Reproduction of a skirt designed by Christian Dior (French), Wool (C.I.69.40)
Caftan, 8th–10th century, Caucasus Mountain regions, Silk, linen, and fur (1996.78.1)
Cape and Dress, ca. 1931, Jean Patou (French), Ivory china silk with multicolored floral print (1972.30.17a,b)
Cape, second half of 16th century, French, Velvet brocade with gold ground and small set pattern of geometric motifs woven in tan velvet of cut pile (06.941)
Child's coat, late 19th century, India, Punjab or Kashmir, Amritsar, Wool, double interlocking twill tapestry weave (1983.494.10)
Coat, 1911, Paul Poiret (French), Textile design by Raoul Dufy (French), Ivory and navy block printed velvet with brown fur trim and gold metallic mesh-covered silk closures (2005.199)
Coat, 1919, Paul Poiret (French), Silk, wool, metallic thread (2005.207)
Coat, ca. 1912, Paul Poiret (French), Natural and blue striped woven linen, blue silk, and faux abalone buttons (2005.200)
Coat, ca. 1919, Paul Poiret (French), Black silk and wool blend with white leather appliqués and white fur trim (C.I.61.40.4)
Coat, ca. 1933, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Cream cotton corded weave, metal (2009.300.1212)
Coat, early 1990s, Yohji Yamamoto (Japanese), Black felted wool with gold metallic handpainted surface decoration and brass plate appliqué (2003.573.2)
Coat, spring 1939, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Polychrome wool felt, blue silk faille (2002.479.4)
Coat, spring/summer 1953, Christian Dior (French); Christian Dior Haute Couture (French), Silk (C.I.57.62.1a-c)
"Cocteau" Evening Jacket, Fall 1937, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Linen, metallic foil, beads, paillettes (2009.421)
[Cornelius Conway Felton with His Hat and Coat], early 1850s, John Adams Whipple (American), Daguerreotype (1997.382.41)
Daoist Dignitary Robe, Qing dynasty, 17th–18th century, China, Satin, metallic thread (30.75.3)
Day coat, 1964, Cristobal Balenciaga (French, born Spain), Wool (1996.134.1)
Day dress and coat, fall 1957, Anne Fogarty (American), Red wool twill (C.I.63.47.3a,b)
Doublet, early 1620s, French, Ivory silk faille brocaded with floral patterns in pink, yellow, mauve, green, and purple (1989.196)
Dressing gown, ca. 1930, Mariano Fortuny (Spanish), Stenciled rose silk (C.I.50.44)
Evening coat, 1935, Madame Grès (Alix Barton) (French), White silk brocade with polychrome birds and polychrome striped silk (C.I.46.4.19a,b)
Evening coat, ca. 1927, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (French), Silk, metallic thread (1984.30)
Evening coat, fall/winter 1950, Cristobal Balenciaga (French, born Spain), Silk (C.I. 55.76.26)
Evening jacket, 1936–37, Jeanne Lanvin (French, 1867–1946), Silver lamé with black fox trim (C.I.66.58.1)
Evening jacket, 1938, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Deep magenta rayon crepe embroidered with metallic thread and polychrome sequins with plastic insect buttons (1974.338.2)

Dinner Suit, 1937–1938, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Green silk crepe and green silk velvet embroidered with metallic thread and red and pink rhinestones with half dome shaped plastic buttons inset with flowers (1978.288.19a–c)
Evening jacket, summer 1937, Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian), Blue silk velvet, metal, rhinestones, plastic (2009.300.1354)
Firefighter's Coat with Susanoo-no-mikoto and Sea Monster, Edo period, 19th century, Dark blue quilted (sashiko) cotton with freehand paste-resist decoration (1983.158a–c)
Fragments of a jacket, early 14th century, Egypt or Syria; Possibly made for the Rasulid sultan of Yemen, al-Mu'ayyad Hizabr al-Din Dawud ibn Yusuf, Silk with brown and ivory stripes, double-cloth weave (31.14a,b)
Harquebus Armor of Pedro II, King of Portugal, ca. 1683, Attributed to Richard Holden, English (London), Steel, engraved, blued, and gilded (15.113.1-5; 29.158.885)
Man's Coat and Waistcoat, ca. 1730, probably French, (a) wool; (b) silk; (a, b) metallic thread (2004.411a, b)
Man's robe (jama), 17th century, India, Deccan, Burhanpur or Hyderabad, Cotton, painted, with applied gold leaf (31.135)
Mantle, 1870–75, French, White wool serge couched with metallic braid (46.25.4)

Opera cloak, 1850s, American, Ivory silk faille embroidered with gold soutache braid (C.I.53.2)

Dolman, ca. 1870, American (?), While silk poplin and braid (C.I.38.102)
Noh costume (nuihaku) with books and nandina branches, Edo period, second half of 18th century, Japan, Silk embroidery and metallic leaf on silk satin (1989.367)
Opera coat, 1912, Paul Poiret (French), Yellow and pale blue silk satin, black silk velvet, turquoise silk satin with gold and silver filé crocheted overlay, and silver filé trapunto half-belt and trim (1982.350.2)
Outer robe (uchikake) with scenes of filial piety, Edo period, late 18th century, Japan, Resist-dyed and embroidered silk crepe (49.32.109)
Outer robe (uchikake) with theme of Mount Hôrai, Edo period, second half of 18th–first half of 19th century, Japan, Silk and metallic thread embroidery on silk satin damask with stencil-dyed details (1970.296.1)
Pierrot Laughing, 1855, Nadar (Gaspard-Félix Tournachon) (French); Adrien Tournachon (French), Coated salted paper print from glass negative (1998.57)
Portrait statue of a boy, Late 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D.; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Bronze (14.130.1)
Robe, Qing dynasty (1644–1911), 17th century, China, Silk and metallic thread tapestry (kesi) (30.75.5)
"Seashell" or "Shell-knit" coat, spring/summer 1985, Issey Miyake (Japanese), Gray, pink, red, and lavender cotton/synthetic blend knit with heat-embossed ribbing (2003.79.16)
Study of a Boy in a Blue Jacket, 1717, Benedetto Luti (Italian), Pastel and chalk on blue laid paper, laid down on paste paper (2007.360)
Surcoat (jimbaori), Edo period (1615–1868), 17th century, Japan, Silk, felt, metallic thread, lacquered wood (2006.95)
Sweater, 1976, Vivienne Westwood (British), Loosely knit mohair with color blocks of blue green, rust, and gray (1985.375.7)
Travel ensemble (jacket, slacks, and blouse), 1948, Vera Maxwell (American), Brown-and-white donegal tweed and cocoa-brown wool jersey, printed silk, plastic, tan leather (C.I.53.61a-f)
Waistcoat, 1747, Textile designed by Anna Maria Garthwaite (British); Textile manufactured by Peter Lekeux (British, 1716–1768), British (London) Silk, silver, wool, cotton, linen (C.I.66.14.2)
Woman's informal robe with butterflies, Qing dynasty, late 19th–early 20th century, China, Embroidered silk satin (1970.145)
Woman's jacket, ca. 1616, English, Linen worked with silk and metal thread, spangles; detached buttonhole variations, wrapped ladder stitch, straight, knot, chain, and satin stitches, metal bobbin lace (23.170.1)
Woman's sleeveless jacket with bamboo, Qing dynasty, late 19th century, China, Tapestry-woven (kesi) silk and metallic thread (45.125.13)
Woman's sleeveless jacket with butterflies (detail), late 19th–early 20th century, China, Tapestry-woven (kesi) silk and metallic thread (45.125.15)