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The Accommodations of Desire, 1929, Salvador Dali (Spanish), Oil and cut-and-pasted printed paper on cardboard (1999.363.16)
Annual Rings, 1968, Dennis Oppenheim (American), Mixed media (1999.212)
Black Reflections, 1959, Franz Kline (American), Oil and pasted paper on paper, mounted on Masonite (64.146)
The Block, 1971, Romare Bearden (American), Cut and pasted papers on Masonite (1978.61.1-6)
Blue Nude, 1952, Henri Matisse (French), Cut and pasted painted papers (2002.456.58)
Bottle and Wine Glass on a Table, 1912, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Charcoal, ink, cut and pasted newspaper, and graphite on paper (49.70.33)
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Green Box), September 1934, Marcel Duchamp (French), Box containing collotype reproductions on various papers (2002.42a–vvvv)
Concord, 1949, Barnett Newman (American), Oil and masking tape on canvas (68.178)
A Drawing in Five Parts, 2005, Richard Serra (American), Paintstick on handmade paper (2011.512a–e)
Girls I Have Known, 1916–17, Daniel Rochford (American), Gelatin silver prints and photomechanical reproductions (1998.103)
Homage to Georges Braque, 1982, Jiri Kolar (Czech), Cut and pasted printed papers in bas-relief on wood panel (1999.363.34)
Leap into the Void, 1960, Yves Klein (French), photographed by Harry Shunk (German) and Janos Kender (Hungarian), Gelatin silver print (1992.5112)
Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom, 2000, Anselm Kiefer (German), Gouache, sand, ash, and charcoal on two torn and pasted photographs (2001.557)
Man with Hat and a Violin, 1912, Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Cut and pasted newspaper, and charcoal, on two joined sheets of paper (1999.363.64)
Palindrome, 1974, Richard Hamilton (British), Lenticular acrylic laminated on color collotype with pasted paper sticker (2000.382)
Red Stripe Kitchen, 1967–72, printed early 1990s, Martha Rosler (American), Chromogenic print (2002.393)
Snow Flowers, 1951, Henri Matisse (French), Watercolor and gouache on cut and pasted papers (1999.363.46)
Splitting, 1974, Gordon Matta-Clark (American), Chromogenic prints mounted on board (1992.5067)
The Unknown Masterpiece, 1982, Anselm Kiefer (German), Watercolor, gouache, graphite pencil, cut-and-pasted printed papers on paper (2000.96.8)
Untitled (Cowboy), 1989, Richard Prince (American), Chromogenic print (2000.272)
Untitled (four single men with interchangeable backgrounds looking to the right), 1977, Richard Prince (American), Mixed media on paper (2000.123)
Untitled (President: 4), 1979, Sherrie Levine (American), Collage on paper (1990.1057)
Winter Pool, 1959, Robert Rauschenberg (American), Combine painting: oil, paper, fabric, wood, metal, sandpaper, tape, printed paper, printed reproductions, handheld bellows, and found painting, on two canvases, with ladder (2005.390)
The Woodshed, 1969, Romare Bearden (American), Cut and pasted paper, cloth, and pencil on Masonite (1970.19)