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Women's Clothing from North America

Clothing, organized by wearer, Women's, North America

Works of Art (62)

Ball gown, 1954, Charles James (American, born Great Britain, 1906–1978), Emerald green silk satin (2009.300.3522)
Bathing ensemble, ca. 1870, American, Beige-and-brown printed striped wool with brown-and-red printed wool bands with Greek-key motif (1979.346.18a,b)
Beach cover-up, late 1940s, Tina Leser (American), Red-and-white checked cotton (1988.402.1)
Beachwear (bathing suit), 1950–59, American, Wool (1996.316.2ab)
Beachwear (bathing suit), 1964, Rudi Gernreich (American, born Austria), Wool, elastic (1986.517.13)
Beachwear (bikini), 1970–71, Rudi Gernreich (American, born Austria), Wool (1996.118.4ab)
Beachwear (Bikini), 1970s, American or European, Cotton (1993.517.40ab)
Beachwear (bikini), ca. 1940, American, Wool (2001.790.1a,b)
Beachwear (bikini), late 1940s–early 1950s, American, Synthetics (1985.364.12a,b)
"Butterfly" ball gown, 1955, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Silk: smoke gray chiffon; pale gray satin; aubergine, lavender, and oyster; synthetic: white nylon (2009.300.816)
Cocktail dress, 1952, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Tobacco brown silk taffeta, brown jersey (2009.300.213a,b)
Cocktail dress, 1961, Norman Norell (American), Black wool crepe (1986.517.5)
Corset cover, 1900–1910, American, Cotton (1982.316.8)
Crinoline, 1860, American, Metal, cotton (1986.180)
Day dress and coat, fall 1957, Anne Fogarty (American), Red wool twill (C.I.63.47.3a,b)
Day dress, 1952, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Gray silk faille (2009.300.450a,b)
Day dress, ca. 1857, American, Silk (C.I.38.23.56)
Day ensemble, 1967, Bonnie Cashin (American), Natural cotton, red-and-blue plaid wool, and navy blue wool jersey (C.I.68.34a-c)
"Diamond" evening dress, 1957, Charles James (American, born Great Britain) Silk: ivory satin: mushroom gros de londres; black velvet (2009.300.832)
Dinner suit, 1950, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Gray wool flannel, gunmetal gray silk (2009.300.352a,b)
Dress (robe à la polonaise), ca. 1780, French, White silk de chine with hand-painted multicolored floral sprays (1976.146a,b)

Dress (robe à la polonaise), 1780–85, American, Yellow silk de chine with hand-painted multicolored floral sprays (1970.87a,b)
Dress, ca. 1799–1800, American, Linen, cotton (1988.242.4)
Dress, ca. 1950, Claire McCardell (American), Black rayon jersey (1997.193.2)
Dress, ca. 1966–67, American, Paper printed with allover pattern of Campbell Soup cans in black, red, and gold (1995.178.3)
Ensemble (beachwear), 1944–45, Carolyn Schnurer (American), Cotton (C.I.46.106.98a-c)
Ensemble, 1920s, Raymond Duncan (American), Tussah silk with polychrome hand-painted vegetal motif and wood beads, navy-blue silk chiffon (1990.152)
Evening dress, 1936, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Cream china silk brocaded with gold metal thread (2009.300.687)
Evening dress, 1939, Mainbocher (American), Ivory silk chiffon embroidered with white and silver sequin butterflies and ivory silk taffeta (C.I.46.4.2a–e)
Evening dress, 1950, Claire McCardell (American), Red silk damask (C.I.58.49.4a,b)
Evening dress, ca. 1884–86, American or European, Silk (C.I.63.23.3a,b)
Evening dress, ca. 1938, Mainbocher (American), Black silk taffeta embroidered with metallic thread, sequins, and beads (C.I.46.4.1)
Evening ensemble, fall 1964, Bonnie Cashin (American), Turquoise suede and blue, turquoise, and green striped wool mohair (1979.431.50a,b)
Evening gown with wrap, 1974, Halston (Roy Halston Frowick) (American), Pleated ivory and beige silk chiffon (1996.498.2a,b)
Evening gown, 1939, Claire McCardell (American), Brown-and-white striped silk satin (C.I.58.17.2)
Evening gown, 1970s, Halston (Roy Halston Frowick) (American), Iridescent teal and black silk chiffon (1994.414.6)
Evening gown, late 1940s–early 1950s, Claire McCardell (American), Black-and-red silk plush (1997.511a-d)
"Four-Leaf Clover" ball gown, 1953, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Silk: Ivory Duchesse satin; ivory faille; black velvet (velours de Lyon); synthetic: nylon mesh (2009.300.779)
Girdle, 1924, American or European, Silk (1974.258.11)
Girdle, 1942, American, Silk, elastic (C.I.43.28.1a)
Half-sewn muslin (Model No. 173), 1947, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Cotton muslin (2009.300.742)
Mantle, 1870–75, French, White wool serge couched with metallic braid (46.25.4)

Opera cloak, 1850s, American, Ivory silk faille embroidered with gold soutache braid (C.I.53.2)

Dolman, ca. 1870, American (?), While silk poplin and braid (C.I.38.102)
The Masquerade Dress, 1911, Robert Henri (American), Oil on canvas (58.157)
Play/bathing suit, 1943, Claire McCardell (American), Checked cotton gingham (C.I.45.71.4)
The Pleiades, 1885, Elihu Vedder (American), Oil on canvas (10.64.13)
"Popover" dress, 1942, Claire McCardell (American), Blue linen

"Ribbon" ball gown, 1947, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Silk: cream, yellow, and gray satin; blue faille; gray and pale green taffeta (2009.300.1187)
Robe à l'anglaise, ca. 1770, American, Silk (C.I.37.66a,b)
Shirtwaist dress, 1972, Halston (Roy Halston Frowick) (American), Lavender Ultrasuede (1993.351ab)
"Sirene" evening dress, 1941, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Black silk crepe (2009.300.576)
Suit, 1950, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Mulberry wool broadcloth (2009.300.10a,b)
Suit, fall 1964, Bonnie Cashin (American), Magenta-and-plum checked wool mohair, plum wool double knit, plum suede (1979.431.51a-c)
Sundress, ca. 1956, Claire McCardell (American), Red, blue, yellow, and plaid cotton (C.I.58.49.5)
"Swan" evening dress, 1951, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Ivory silk satin; black marquisette; black fringe; multiple layers of tulle in ombré tones of brown between layers of black tulle (2009.300.850)
Sweater, 1950, Tina Leser (American), Black and wool knit (C.I.51.14.3a)

Skirt, 1954, Bonnie Cashin (American), Black-and-white houndstooth check wool (1982.40.3)
Theater suit, 1951, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Copper silk satin, black wool cashmere (1975.246.5a–c)
Travel ensemble (jacket, slacks, and blouse), 1948, Vera Maxwell (American), Brown-and-white donegal tweed and cocoa-brown wool jersey, printed silk, plastic, tan leather (C.I.53.61a-f)
"Tree" evening dress, 1955, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Silk: rose pink taffeta; white satin; synthetic: red, pink, and white tulle (2009.300.991)
[Two Pupils in Greek Dress], 1883, Thomas Eakins (American), Platinum print (43.87.17)
Walking dress, ca. 1835, American, Silk (26.250.1a,b)
Walking dress, ca. 1860, American, Silk, mother-of-pearl (C.I.69.33.4a–d)
Wedding dress, 1948–49, Charles James (American, born Great Britain), Pink and ivory silk taffeta (1993.427)
Wrap dress, ca. 1975, Diane Von Furstenberg (American), Green-and-white dotted cotton/rayon blend jersey (1997.487)