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After Sir Christopher Wren, 1920, Charles Demuth (American), Watercolor, gouache, and pencil on cardboard (1984.433.156)
Ancient Rome, 1757, Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, Roman), Oil on canvas (52.63.1)
Apartment Houses, Paris, 1946, Jean Dubuffet (French), Oil with sand and charcoal on canvas (1996.403.15)
Avenue des Gobelins, 1927, Eugène Atget (French), Albumen silver print from glass negative (1987.1100.113)
Avenue of the Allies, Great Britain, 1918, Childe Hassam (American), Oil on canvas (67.187.127)
Beaker with the "Mala Strana" of Prague, ca. 1830, Bohemian, Glass (1990.328.2)
Berlin Street, 1931, George Grosz (American, born Germany), Oil on canvas (63.220)
[Boston from a Hot-Air Balloon], October 13, 1860, James Wallace Black (American), Albumen silver print from glass negative (1981.1229.4)
The Bowery, 1930, Reginald Marsh (American), Tempera on Masonite (32.81.2)
Boy with Baseball, ca. 1925, George Luks (American), Oil on canvas (54.10.2)
Broadway on a Rainy Day, 1859, Edward Anthony (American, 1818–1888); Henry T. Anthony (American), Albumen silver prints from glass negatives (1980.1056.3)
Broadway-street and the City Hall in New York, 1824, Carl Fredrik Akrell (Swedish), after Axel Klinckowström (Swedish, 1775–1837), Aquatint (24.90.1320)
Café, Avenue de la Grande-Armée, 1924–25, Eugène Atget (French), Silver print from glass negative (2005.100.133)
Central Park, Winter, ca. 1905, William James Glackens (American), Oil on canvas (21.164)
Central Park, Winter: The Skating Pond, 1862, Charles Parsons (American), Lithograph; (63.550.266)
Chatham Square, New York, 1853–54, Unknown Artist, American School, Daguerreotype (2005.100.173)
Collect Pond, New York City, 1798, Attributed to Archibald Robertson (American, born Scotland), Watercolor and black chalk on off-white laid paper (54.90.168)
Criss-Crossed Conveyors, River Rouge Plant, Ford Motor Company, 1927, Charles Sheeler (American), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.1)
Crosby Street, 1978, Thomas Struth (German), Gelatin silver print (1982.1053.1)
Delmonico Building, 1926, Charles Sheeler (American), Lithograph (68.728)
Der Fotograf [The Photographer], 1931, Willi Ruge (German), Gelatin silver print (2005.100.300)
[Dome of the Cathedral of the Assumption in the Kremlin, Moscow], 1852, Roger Fenton (British), Salted paper print from paper negative (2005.100.66)
Dust Storm, Fifth Avenue, 1906, John Sloan (American), Oil on canvas (21.41.2)
El Soñador, ca. 1930, Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Mexican), Gelatin silver print (2005.100.301)
The Flatiron, 1904, Edward J. Steichen (American, born Luxembourg), Gum bichromate over platinum print (33.43.43)
The Flatiron, 1904, Edward J. Steichen (American, born Luxembourg), Gum bichromate over platinum print (33.43.39)
From the Back Window, 291, 1915, Alfred Stieglitz (American), Platinum print (49.55.35)
From the El, 1915, Paul Strand (American), Platinum print) (49.55.221)
From Williamsburg Bridge, 1928, Edward Hopper (American), Oil on canvas (37.44)
Gardanne, 1885–86, Paul Cézanne (French), Oil on canvas (57.181)
The Garden of the Tuileries on a Spring Morning, 1899, Camille Pissarro (French), Oil on canvas (1992.103.3)
The Girandola at the Castel Sant'Angelo, ca. 1783, Francesco Piranesi (Italian) and Louis-Jean Desprez (French), Etching with hand-coloring (69.510)
Golden Gate, 1955, Charles Sheeler (American), Oil on canvas (55.99)
The Green Car, 1910, William James Glackens (American), Oil on canvas (37.73)
Headquarters of the Société des Aquafortistes, 1864, Adolphe-Martial Potément, called Martial (French), Etching (50.616.15)
The Horse Fair, 1853–55, Rosa Bonheur (French), Oil on canvas (87.25)
The Houses of Parliament (Effect of Fog), 1903–4, Claude Monet (French), Oil on canvas (56.135.6)
I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold, 1928, Charles Demuth (American), Oil on cardboard (49.59.1)
Industrial Series, #1, 1928, Charles Sheeler (American), Lithograph (66.593)
The Jitney, ca. 1915, John Sloan (American), Oil on canvas (40.122)
jpeg ny02, 2004, Thomas Ruff (German), Chromogenic print (2006.92)
July Fourteenth, Rue Daunou, 1910, Childe Hassam (American), Oil on canvas (29.86)
The Lafayette, 1927, John Sloan (American), Oil on canvas (28.18)
License Photo Studio, New York, 1934, Walker Evans (American), Gelatin silver print (1972.742.17)
Little Venice, 1880

James McNeill Whistler (American), Etching (17.3.85)
Looking Northwest from the Shelton, 1932, Alfred Stieglitz (American), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.11)
Modern Rome, 1757, Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, Roman), Oil on canvas (52.63.2)
Mystery of the Street, 1928, Umbo (Otto Umbehr) (German), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.49)
Nelson's Column under Construction, Trafalgar Square, April 1844, William Henry Fox Talbot (English), Salted paper print from paper negative (2009.279)
Night Shadows, 1921, Edward Hopper (American), Etching (25.31.2)
Nocturne: The Thames at Battersea, 1878, James McNeill Whistler (American), Lithograph (17.3.159)
Note in Pink and Brown, ca. 1880, James McNeill Whistler (American), Charcoal and pastel on dark brown wove paper (17.97.5)
Nouveau theatre de la Grande Bretagne, ou, Description exacte des Palais de La Reine, et des Maisons les plus considerables . . . de la Grande Bretagne (plate 6), 1708, Leonard Knyff (Netherlandish), Johannes Kip (Netherlandish), David Mortier, London, Etching (52.519.69)
The Octopus, 1912, Alvin Langdon Coburn (British, born America), Platinum print (1987.1100.13)
Piazza del Popolo, ca. 1750, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian), Etching (
Piazza di San Marco, ca. 1898–99, Maurice Prendergast (American), Watercolor and graphite on off-white wove paper (52.126.6)
Piazza San Marco, late 1720s, Canaletto (Italian), Oil on canvas (1988.162)
The Pont Neuf, ca. 1912–14, Hippolyte Petitjean (French), Watercolor and gouache on paper (1975.1.681)
Port Authority, 1966–67, Ray K. Metzker (American), Gelatin silver print (1990.1083)
Procession of Süleyman the Magnificent through the Hippodrome, 1533, Pieter van Aelst, the Younger (Flemish), Woodcut, single sheet from a frieze printed on ten sheets (28.85.7a)
Regent Street, London, 1906, André Derain (French), Oil on canvas (1999.363.18)
The Riva Schiavoni, Venice, 1894, James Craig Annan (Scottish), Photogravure (49.55.274)
Roofs and Sky, 1939, Louis Lozowick (American, born Ukraine), Color silkscreen (40.111.102)
[Ruins of the Gallego Flour Mills, Richmond, Virginia], 1865, Alexander Gardner (American), Albumen silver print from glass negative (33.65.226)
Saint-Maclou, Rouen, 1852–54, Edmond Bacot (French), Salted paper print from glass negative (1995.96.10)
Saltash with the Water Ferry, 1811, Joseph Mallord William Turner (English), Oil on canvas (89.15.9)
Spring Morning in the Heart of the City, 1890; reworked 1895–99, Childe Hassam (American), Oil on canvas (43.116.1)
St. Paul's, Manhattan, 1914, John Marin (American), Watercolor and charcoal on paper (49.70.110)
Station of Otsu: From the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido (The "Reisho Tokaido"), Edo period, ca. 1848–49, Ando Hiroshige (Japanese), Polychrome woodblock print (JP804)
Street at Saverne, from the "French Set" (Douze eaux-fortes d'après Nature), 1858, James McNeill Whistler (American, 1834–1903), Etching and open bite or sandpaper ground; third state of four (Glasgow); blue chine on off-white wove paper (chine-collé) (17.3.12)
Street Corner, ca. 1897, Pierre Bonnard (French), From the series Quelques aspects de la vie de Paris, 1899, Lithograph in four colors (
Street in Saintes-Maries, ca. July 17, 1888, Vincent van Gogh (Dutch), Pens (including reed pen), brush, and iron gall ink over chalk on wove paper (backed with wove paper) (48.190.1)
Taxi Driver and Pedestrian Argue, Chitpur Road, Calcutta, 1987, printed 1991, Raghubir Singh (Indian), Chromogenic print (1991.1280)
The Town on the Hill, New Almaden, 1863, Carleton E. Watkins (American), Albumen silver print from glass negative (1989.1083)
Upper Deck, ca. 1928, Charles Sheeler (American), Gelatin silver print (2005.100.155)
Variations in Violet and Grey—Market Place, Dieppe, 1885, James McNeill Whistler (American), Gouache and watercolor on off white wove paper, mounted on academy board (2000.512)
Venice, from the Porch of Madonna della Salute, ca. 1835, Joseph Mallord William Turner (English), Oil on canvas (99.31)
View of Genzano, 1843, Camille Corot (French), Oil on paper laid down on canvas (2009.400.29)
View of London from Greenwich, 1825, Joseph Mallord William Turner (British), Watercolor and gouache over graphite (59.23.23)
View of Paris from Notre Dame to the Tournelle Bridge (Autre vue Particuliere de Paris depuis Notre Dame jusques au Pont de la Tournelle), 1720–54, Jacques Rigaud (French), Etching (53.600.1175)
View of Rome, Seen from the Janiculum Hill, Anton van den Wyngaerde (Flemish), Pen and brown ink, brown wash (52.124.1)
View of South Street, from Maiden Lane, New York City, ca. 1827, William James Bennett (American, born England), Watercolor on off-white wove paper (54.90.130)
View of the City of Prague, 1606, Johannes Wechter (German), after Philip van den Bossche (Netherlandish, Published by Aegieius Sadeler, Antwerp, Etching (53.601.10[72–83])
View of Toledo, El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) (Greek), Oil on canvas (29.100.6)
Water, 1945, Charles Sheeler (American), Oil on canvas (49.128)
The Windmill, 1641, Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) (Dutch), Etching (41.1.12)
[Windmills, Montmartre], 1839, Hippolyte Bayard (French), Direct positive print (2005.100.32)
Winter in Union Square, 1889–90, Childe Hassam (American), Oil on canvas (43.116.2)