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Chimú Art of the Americas

Art of the Americas, Andes, Chimú

Works of Art (8)

Ceremonial Knife (tumi), 10th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Copper (1987.394.216)
Feathered Tunic, 12th–15th century, Peru, Chimú, Cotton, feathers (63.163)
Feline Bottle, 12th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Ceramic (64.228.17)
Hanging, 14th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Cotton (1979.206.601)
Mirror Frame, 9th–12th century, Peru; Wari-Chimú, Wood (1995.428)
Pair of Earflares with Multifigure Scene, 12th–15th century, Peru (Chimú), Hammered gold (1991.419.67,.68)
Panpiper Vessel, 14th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Silver, malachite (1978.412.219)
Sleeved Tunic, 12th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Cotton, camelid hair (1979.206.588)