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Unglazed Ceramic from Central America

Ceramic, Unglazed, Mesoamerica and Central America

Works of Art (5)

Bird-Headed Figure Whistle, 8th–9th century, Mexico, Veracruz, Ceramic (1978.412.80)
Censer with Seated Figure, 5th–6th century, Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1982.394)
Pair of Bowls, Trophy-Head Deities, 3rd–1st century B.C., Peru, Paracas, Ceramic, postfired paint (63.232.79, 1976.287.31)
Spouted Vessel, 3rd–1st century B.C., Mexico; Monte Albán, Ceramic (1979.206.947)
Tetrapod Bowl, 1st–2nd century, Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1982.207.1)

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