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Unglazed Ceramic from Africa and Egypt

Ceramic, Unglazed, Africa (including Egypt)

Works of Art (9)

Ampulla (Flask) of Saint Menas, late 500s–mid-700s, Byzantine; Probably made at Abu Menas, near Alexandria, Egypt, Terracotta (27.94.19)
Classic Kerma Beaker, Egyptian Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 13, ca. 1802–1640 B.C., Classical Kerma; From Abydos, Egypt, Garstang excavations, Black-topped red polished ceramic (20.2.45)
Footed Bowl, 13th century; Tellem, Mali; Tellem peoples, Pottery (1977.394.59a)
Funerary Vessel, 19th–20th century, Ghana; Akan, Asante, Terracotta (1980.68)
Head, 16th–17th century, Nigeria; Edo peoples, court of Benin, Terracotta, sacrificial materials (1991.17.7)
Memorial Head, 17th century, Ghana; Akan, Twifo region, Hemang city, Terracotta, roots, quartz fragments (1978.412.563)
Necklace with Pendant, 16th–18th century, Angola; Chokwe, Wood, ceramic, raffia (1996.456)
Seated Figure, 13th century, Mali, Inland Niger Delta region; Djenné, Terracotta (1981.218)
Storage Jar, ca. 2000–1600 B.C., C-Group; From Faras, Upper Nubia, grave 3, Griffith excavations, Red and black ware with incised linear decoration (13.125.29)