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Painted Ceramic from Central America

Ceramic, Painted, Mesoamerica and Central America

Works of Art (31)

Ancestor Pair, 1st–3rd century A.D., Mexico; Nayarit (Chinesco), Ceramic (1999.272.1,2)
"Baby Figure," 12th–9th century B.C., Mexico; Olmec, Ceramic, cinnabar, red ocher (1979.206.1134)
Ball Player (?), 7th–10th century, Mexico, Nopiloa, Ceramic (1989.28)
Bowl, 6th–9th century, Peru; Wari, Ceramic (1979.206.385)
Censer Cover (Xantil), 13th–15th century, Mexico; Tehuacá Ceramic, pigment (1978.412.10)
Costumed Figure, 7th–8th century, Mexico; Maya, Ceramic, pigment (1979.206.953)
Cylindrical Vessel with Throne Scene, 8th century, Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1999.484.2)
Double-Spout Bottle, 1st–6th century, Peru, Nasca, Ceramic (1978.412.91)
Feline Incense Vessel, 6th–9th century, Bolivia; Tiwanaku, Ceramic (1978.412.100)
Female Figure, 12th–9th century B.C., Mexico; Las Bocas (?), Ceramic (1983.424)
Female Figure, 1st century B.C.–2nd century A.D., Mexico; Jalisco, Ceramic (1979.355)
Figure Holding Child, 4th–7th century, Ecuador; Bahía, Ceramic (1991.436.6)
Figure Vessel, 3rd–2nd century B.C., Mexico; Chupicuaro, Ceramic (1979.206.606)
Howling Canine, 5th–6th century, Mexico; Remojadas, Ceramic (1978.412.59)
Hunchback, 12th–9th century B.C., Mexico; Olmec, Ceramic, pigment (1989.392)
Jar with Four Faces, mid-13th–mid-15th century, Casas Grandes peoples; Chihuahua, Ceramic (1979.206.1171)
Jar with Ritual Scene, 15th century, Mexico; Mixtec/Nayarit, Ceramic (1992.3)
Mask, 12th–9th century B.C., Mexico; Tlatilco, Ceramic (1979.206.1073)
Pair of Bowls, Trophy-Head Deities, 3rd–1st century B.C., Peru, Paracas, Ceramic, postfired paint (63.232.79, 1976.287.31)
Pair of Figure Vessels, 12th–15th century, Mexico; Mixtec-Colima, Ceramic (1993.16.1,2)
Pair of Pedestal Plates, 5th–8th century, Panama; Conte, Ceramic (1993.307.1,2)
Pair of Spouted Bottles, 2nd–4th century, Peru, Nasca, Ceramic (1992.60.6,.7)
Pedestal Bowl, 13th–16th century, Costa Rica; Guanacaste-Nicoya, Ceramic (1979.206.377)
Pedestal Bowl, 14th–15th century, Mexico; Mixtec, Ceramic (1979.206.365)
Plate with Trumpeter, 8th century, Mexico or Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1989.110)
Seated Figure Censer (Incensario), 4th century, Mexico or Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1999.484.1a,b)
"Smiling Figure", 7th–8th century, Mexico, Remojadas, Ceramic (1979.206.1211)
Tripod Plate, 9th–10th century, Mexico; Maya, Ceramic (1989.314.20)
Vessel with Mythological Scene, 8th century, Mexico or Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1978.412.206)
Vulture Bowl, 13th–15th century, Mexico; Isla de Sacrificios, Ceramic (1978.412.81)
Vulture Vessel, 15th–early 16th century, Mexico; Aztec, Ceramic (1981.297)

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