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Ceramic, Maiolica/Majolica

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Apothecary Jar (Orciuolo), 1431 (?), Florence, perhaps workshop of Giunta di Tugio (Italian), Maiolica (1975.1.1061)
Armorial Plate (Tondino), ca. 1520–25 (or 1519?), Nicola da Urbino (Italian), Majolica (1975.1.1019)
Basin (Lebrillo) with Figure of a Woman, 1660–80, Attributed to Damian Hernández, Puebla, Tin-enameled earthenware, decorated in the aborronado style (11.87.3)
Bowl with a putto holding a pinwheel, ca. 1530, Workshop of Maestro Giorgio Andreoli (Italian, Gubbio), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1107)
Bowl with the Arms of Pope Julius II and the Manzoli of Bologna surrounded by putti, cornucopiae, satyrs, dolphins, birds, etc., 1508, Workshop of Giovanni Maria Vasaro (Italian), Maiolica (tin-glazed earthenware) (1975.1.1015)
Childbirth bowl (scodella) with confinement-chamber scene (interior) and Diana and Actaeon (exterior), ca. 1530s, Circle of Francesco Xanto Avelli (Italian), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (41.49.2)
Dish with an allegory of Chastity and the arms of Matthias Corvinus and Beatrice of Aragon, 1476–ca. 1490, Probably Pesaro, Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (46.85.30)
Dish with scene of Christ at Supper with Simon the Pharisee and with the Arms of Orsini Impaling della Rovere, 1528, Circle of Nicola da Urbino (Italian); lustered in the workshop of Maestro Giorgio Andreoli (Gubbio), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica), with luster (1975.1.1103)
Dish, ca. 1520, Italian (Deruta), Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) with on-glaze blue painting and luster (29.100.93)
Ewer with profile busts of a man and a woman, ca. 1520, Possibly workshop of Maestro Giorgio Andreoli (Italian), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica), with luster (27.97.39)
Lamentation Group, dated 1487, Italian (Faenza), probably made for a Franciscan church or convent near Faenza, Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) (04.26a-h)
Low-footed bowl with bust of a woman, ca. 1530, Urbino or Castel Durante, Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1084)
Pair of low-footed bowls with busts of Ruggieri and Filomena, ca. 1520–25, Italy; Urbino or Castel Durante, Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (65.6.7, 8)
Pharmacy Jar with the Arms of the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, 1425–50, Made in Tuscany, Italy, Earthenware, tin glaze (maiolica) (16.154.5)
Pharmacy Jar, dated 1515, Italian (Siena), Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) (23.166)
Pharmacy Jar, late 15th century, Italian (Naples), Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) (46.85.15)
Plate (Piatto), 1532, Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo (Italian), Maiolica (1975.1.1131)
Plate with the Death of the Woman of Sestos, 1532, Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo (Italian), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (32.100.378)
Roundel with mock Triumph of Love, ca. 1510–20, Perhaps Castel Durante or elsewhere in the Marches, Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1025)
Tondo: Prudence, ca. 1475, Andrea della Robbia (Italian), Italian (Florence), Terracotta with tinted tin-enamel glazes (21.116)
Wine Cistern, ca. 1562, Manufactured by the factory of Orazio Fontana, Urbino, Italy, Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) (32.100.362)

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