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Glazed Ceramic from Central and North Asia

Ceramic, Glazed, Central and North Asia

Works of Art (8)

"Bamiyan ware" bowl, Ghaznavid period (977–1186), 11th–12th century, Central Asia, Earthenware, slip-covered, incised and polychrome decorated under a transparent glaze (1993.24)
Bowl with rosette, Samanid period (819–1005), 10th century, Present-day Uzbekistan, Samarqand, Earthenware, white slip with polychrome slip decoration under transparent glaze (61.144)
Bowl, 15th century; Timurid, Iran or Central Asia, Earthenware, underglaze-painted (32.33)
Bowl, Five Dynasties period, 10th century, Probably the vicinity of Shanglinhu, Zhejiang Province, China, Stoneware with carved and incised design under celadon glaze (Yue ware) (18.56.36)
Dish, 18th–19th century, Transoxiana (Uzbekistan), Bukhara, Clay, painted and glazed (1997.312)
Horse with Female Rider, Tang dynasty, 7th century, Astana, Turfan, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China, Clay, Unfired clay with pigment (51.93ab)
Tile from a squinch, Timurid period (1370–1507), second half of 14th century, Uzbekistan, Samarqand, Stonepaste, carved and glazed (20.120.189)
Two tiles, second half of 12th–early 13th century, Afghanistan, Earthenware, molded and glazed (1975.193.5,6)

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