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Calligraphy from South and Southeast Asia

Calligraphy, South and Southeast Asia

Works of Art (5)

Album leaf with a Shici invocation, 17th century, India (Deccan or Kashmir), Ink, colors, and gold on paper (1986.109.2)
Calligraphic roundel inscribed Ya'aziz (Oh Mighty!), late 16th–early 17th century, India, Deccan, Hyderabad, Sandstone, carved, traces of pigment (1985.240.1)
Calligraphy panel, 20th century, Sadequain (Pakistani), Colors on wood (Inst.1980.3.2)
Dedicatory inscription from a mosque, Indian Sultanate period (1206–1555), dated A.H. 905 / A.D. 1500,India, Bengal, Gabbro, carved (1981.320)
Leaf of calligraphy: Leaf from the Shah Jahan Album, Mughal; calligraphy, ca. 1535–45; margin, 17th century, Mir 'Ali of Herat (calligraphy), Iran (calligraphy), India (illumination), Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper (