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Arms and Armor, Spear

Works of Art (10)

Cavalry armor, 18th–19th century, Tibetan, and possibly Bhutanese and Nepalese, Iron, gold, copper alloy, wood, leather, and textile (36.25.25, .28, .351, .476, .583a–c,h–k, .842a–c, .2174, .2461, .2505, .2557, 1974.160.10 ,1970.164.7a,b)
Head of a Hunting Spear, 1425–50, German or Austrian, Steel, inlaid with brass (14.25.321)
Lunette Spearhead, 1200–800 B.C.; Bronze Age, British, Copper alloy (1998.540.1)
Spear Thrower, 19th–early 20th century, Kalgoorlie Region (?), Western Australia, Wood, spinifex resin, sinew, stone (1978.412.837)
Spear, 17th–19th century, Tibetan, Iron, gold, silver, wood, and pigments (2004.340a,b)
Spear, 18th–19th century, Tibetan, Iron, wood, yak hair, and silk (2001.179a,b)
Spearhead, 12th century B.C.; Late Bronze Age, Cypriot, Copper-based metal (74.51.5283)
Spearhead, 17th–18th century, Tibetan, Iron, gold, and silver (2001.180)
Spearhead, Late Jomon period (ca. 1500–1000 B.C.), Japan, Stone (1975.268.200)
Vermand Treasure: Belt Buckle and Three Mounts for Spear Shafts, ca. 400, Provincial Roman; Found in Vermand, France, Silver gilt inlaid with niello (17.192.143–.146)