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Arms and Armor, Helmet

Works of Art (38)

Amphora, ca. 530 B.C.; Archaic; black-figure, Attributed to the manner of the Lysippides Painter, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (56.171.14)
Armet with Wrapper, ca. 1460–70 (armet), 1450 (wrapper), Italian, Steel (20.150.1)
Armor (Gusoku), 16th and 18th centuries; Edo period, Japanese, Lacquered iron, mail, silk, copper-gilt (14.100.172)
"Barbute" sallet, ca. 1470–80, Italian (Milan), Steel (04.3.232)
Burgonet with Falling Buffe, ca. 1555, French (Paris), Steel, blued and gilded (04.3.217; 22.140)
Burgonet, 1543, Made by Filippo Negroli, Italian (Milan), Steel, embossed and damascened with gold (17.190.1720)
Cavalry armor, 18th–19th century, Tibetan, and possibly Bhutanese and Nepalese, Iron, gold, copper alloy, wood, leather, and textile (36.25.25, .28, .351, .476, .583a–c,h–k, .842a–c, .2174, .2461, .2505, .2557, 1974.160.10 ,1970.164.7a,b)
Cavalry Helmet (Zischägge), ca. 1630–40, German, Steel, gold, brass, leather, textile (14.25.611)
Close helmet with mask visor, ca. 1515, Attributed to Kolman Helmschmid (German), Augsburg, Germany, Steel, embossed, etched, and gilt (04.3.286a)
Funerary relief, ca. 325–300 B.C., Greek, South Italian, Tarentine, Limestone (29.54)
Head of a helmeted Roman soldier, ca. 50–75; Flavian, Roman, Marble (25.78.62)
Head of the pharaoh Apries, Late Period, Dynasty 26, reign of Apries, ca. 589–570 B.C., Egyptian, Diorite (1994.198)
Helmet (backview), 16th century, Spanish, Yellow straw with applied ornament of cut velvet (32.132)
Helmet (Spangenhelm), 6th century, Ostrogothic, Bronze-gilt, iron (42.50.1)
Helmet (Suji Kabuto), Muromachi period, 15th century, Japan, Lacquered iron, silk, stenciled leather, gilt copper (13.112.10)
Helmet (Zukinnari Kabuto), 16th century; Momoyama period, Japanese, Lacquered iron (36.25.81)
Helmet with divine figures beneath a bird with outstretched wings, 14th century B.C.; Middle Elamite period, Southwestern Iran, Bronze (63.74)
Helmet, 1350–1450, Mongolian or Chinese, Iron and gold (2005.270)
Helmet, 15th–17th century, Mongolian, Iron and gold (1999.120)
Helmet, 5th century; Kofun period, Japanese, Iron, covered with copper-gilt (28.60.2)
Helmet, dated 1808–9, Caucasian, Steel, silver, niello, gold (36.25.119)
Helmet, late 15th century; Ak-Koyunlu/Shivran, Iranian, Steel, engraved and damascened with silver (50.87)
Helmet, late 7th century B.C.; Archaic, Greek, Cretan, Bronze (1989.281.49)
Helmet, mid-16th century; Ottoman period, Turkish, Steel, damascened with gold (04.3.456a)
Helmet, probably mid- to late 17th century, Chinese, Iron, gold, silver, and textile (1997.18)
Lamellar armor and helmet, possibly 16th–17th century, Tibetan, Iron and leather (36.25.53a,b)
Morion, ca. 1560–65, Germany (Brunswick), Etched steel (1999.62)
Multiplate helmet of thirty-two lames, possibly 14th–16th century, Mongolian or Tibetan, Iron, silver, gold, and brass or copper alloy (2005.146)
Parade helmet à l'antique, ca. 1620–30, French (possibly Paris), Steel, brass, paint, and textile (1997.341)
Parade Helmet in Hispano-Moresque Style, late 15th–early 16th century, Spanish, Steel, gold, silver, cloisonné enamel (1983.413)
Parade helmet, possibly early 17th century, Turkish, Gilt copper (1995.68)
Sallet in the Shape of a Lion's Head, 1470–80, Italian, Steel, copper-gilt, glass, polychromy (23.141)
Statue of a wounded warrior, ca. 138–181 A.D.; Antonine; copy of a Greek bronze statue of ca. 460–450 B.C., Roman, Marble (25.116)
Studies of a Seated Youth in Armor, Attributed to Vittore Carpaccio (Italian, Venetian), Italian, Point of brush and gray wash, highlighted with white, on blue paper (54.119)
Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent Wearing a Jewel-Studded Helmet, ca. 1532, Venice, Woodcut on paper (42.41.1)
Tournament Helm (Stechhelm), ca. 1500, German (probably Nuremberg), Steel, brass (29.156.67a)
Visored sallet, ca. 1470–85, Hans Blarer the Younger, German/Swiss (Basel), Steel (29.158.11)
War Hat (chapel-de-fer), ca. 1475, Western European (probably Burgundy), Steel (04.3.228)