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Temple Architecture from East Asia

Architectural Elements, Temple, East Asia

Works of Art (5)

Altarpiece dedicated to Buddha Maitreya (Mile), Northern Wei dynasty, dated 524, China, Gilt bronze (38.158.1a–n)
The Illustrated Legends of the Jin'ôji temple, Nanbokuchô period (1336–92), 14th century, Japan, Fragment of a handscroll; ink and color on paper (1975.268.36)
The Old Plum, Edo period, 1646, Kano Sansetsu (Japanese), Four sliding door panels (fusuma); ink, color, gold leaf on paper (1975.268.48a-d)
Rafter finial in the shape of a dragon's head and wind chime, Koryô dynasty (918–1392), 10th century,Korea, Gilt bronze (1999.263ab)
Scene from "Channel Buoys" (Miotsukushi), chapter 14 of the Tale of Genji, Nanbokuchô period (1336–92), late 14th century, Japan, Handscroll; ink and color on paper (1975.268.33)

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