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Temple Architecture from Africa and Egypt

Architectural Elements, Temple, Africa (including Egypt)

Works of Art (5)

Dish in the Form of a Temple, 3rd–5th century, Roman or Byzantine; Found in Carthage (now in Tunisia, North Africa), Rock crystal (55.135.5)
Magical stela, Late Period, Dynasty 30, reign of Nectanebo II, ca. 360–343 B.C., Egyptian, Greywacke (50.85)
Temple of Dendur, Roman period, ca. 15 B.C., Egyptian; Dendur, Nubia, Sandstone (68.154)
Temple of Edfu, 1867, Gustave Le Gray (French), Albumen silver print from paper negative (2005.100.192)
Tent Divider (Te Saqwit), 19th–20th century, Sudan; Beja peoples, Cotton, leather, beads, cowrie shells, palm leaf (1996.455)