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Mosque Architecture

Architectural Elements, Mosque

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[The Citadel and the Mosque of Muhammad cAli, Cairo], 1860s–80s, Cairo, Albumen silver print from glass negative (1973.594.38)
Dado panel, first half of 15th century; Mamluk, Egypt, Polychrome marble mosaic (1970.327.8)
Hammamet with Its Mosque, 1914, Paul Klee (German, born Switzerland), Watercolor and pencil on paper (1984.315.4)
Jali screen (one of a pair), second half of 16th century; Mughal, Probably from Fatehpur Sikri, India, Carved red sandstone (1993.67.2)
Mihrab (prayer niche), Ilkhanid period (1206–1353), A.H. 755 / A.D. 1354–55, Iran, Isfahan, Mosaic of polychrome-glazed cut tiles on stonepaste body set into mortar (39.20)
Mosque lamp, late 16th century, Turkey; Iznik, Composite body, painted and glazed (14.40.731)
Pair of minbar doors, Mamluk period (1250–1517), ca. 1325–30, Egypt, Cairo, wood (rosewood and mulberry), carved, inlaid with carved ivory, ebony, and other woods (91.1.2064)
Prayer in the Mosque, 1871, Jean-Léon Gérôme (French), Oil on canvas (87.15.130)
Tile from a mihrab, A.H. 722/1322–23 A.D., Iran, Fritware, underglaze painted (1983.345)
Tile panel, early 14th century (probably 1310), Hasan ibn cAli ibn Ahmad Babavaih, Iran (Kashan), Fritware, overglaze luster-painted (09.87)