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Achaemenid Persian Empire of the Ancient Near East

Ancient Near Eastern Art, Achaemenid

Works of Art (7)

Dress ornaments, 5th century B.C., Scythian; Possibly northern Black Sea region, Gold (24.97.50-.51)
Figure of a bull, ca. mid- to late 1st millennium B.C., Southwestern Arabia, Bronze (47.100.85)
Fluted bowl, Achaemenid, reign of Darius I or II, 522–486 B.C. or 432–405 B.C., Iran, Gold (54.3.1)
Incense burner, mid-1st millennium B.C., Southern Arabia, Bronze (49.71.2)
Relief: two servants bearing food and drink, 358–338 B.C.; Achaemenid period, reign of Artaxerxes III, Excavated at Persepolis, southwestern Iran, Limestone (34.158)
Stamp scarab seal with winged figures, 6th–5th century B.C., Levant or Syria, Green jasper (41.160.162)
Vessel terminating in the forepart of a lion, Achaemenid, 5th century B.C., Iran, Gold (54.3.3)