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Amharic Art from Eastern Africa

African Art, Eastern Africa, Amharic Art

Works of Art (6)

Double-Sided Gospel Leaf, first half of 14th century, Ethiopia; Tigray region, Tempera on parchment (2006.100)
Ewost'atéwos and Eight Disciples, late 17th century, Ethiopia, Wood, tempera (2006.98)
Pendant Icon, 17th–18th century, Ethiopia; Amharic, Wood, tempera paint (1997.81.1)
Processional Cross, 14th–15th century, Ethiopia, Lasta region, Tigrinya peoples, Brass (1998.37)
Processional Cross, 15th century, Ethiopia; Amharic peoples, Copper (2008.22)
Processional Cross, 16th century (ca. 1500), Ethiopia, Tigray region; Amharic, Wood, tin (1999.103)