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Amharic Art from Eastern Africa

African Art, Eastern Africa, Amharic Art

Works of Art (6)

Double diptych icon pendant, early 18th century, Ethiopia, Central and Northern Highlands, Amhara or Tigrinya peoples, Wood, tempera, pigment, string (1997.81.1)
Double-Sided Gospel Leaf, first half of 14th century, Ethiopia; Tigray region, Tempera on parchment (2006.100)
Ewost'atéwos and Eight Disciples, late 17th century, Ethiopia, Wood, tempera (2006.98)
Processional Cross, 14th–15th century, Ethiopia, Lasta region, Tigrinya peoples, Brass (1998.37)
Processional Cross, 15th century, Ethiopia; Amharic peoples, Copper (2008.22)
Processional Cross, 16th century (ca. 1500), Ethiopia, Tigray region; Amharic, Wood, tin (1999.103)