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Abstract Expressionism [Gestural Painting] in Twentieth-Century American Art

American Art, Twentieth Century, Abstract Expressionism [Gestural Painting]

Works of Art (14)

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950, Jackson Pollock (American), Enamel on canvas (57.92)
Becca, 1965, David Smith (American), Stainless steel (1972.127)
Black Reflections, 1959, Franz Kline (American), Oil and pasted paper on paper, mounted on Masonite (64.146)
Black Untitled, 1948, Willem de Kooning (American, born the Netherlands), Oil and enamel on paper, mounted on wood (1984.613.7)
Concord, 1949, Barnett Newman (American), Oil and masking tape on canvas (68.178)
DS 1958, 1958, David Smith (American), Spray and stenciled enamel on paper (1994.399)
Elegy to the Spanish Republic, 70, 1961, Robert Motherwell (American), Oil on canvas (65.247)
The Flesh Eaters, 1952, William Baziotes (American), Oil and charcoal on canvas (1995.234)
Night Creatures, 1965, Lee Krasner (American), Acrylic on paper (1995.595)
Number 28, 1950, 1950, Jackson Pollock (American), Enamel on canvas (2006.32.51)
Symphony No. 1, The Transcendental, 1941–42, Richard Pousette-Dart (American), Oil on canvas (1996.367)
Untitled, ca. 1948–49, Jackson Pollock (American), Dripped ink and enamel on paper (1982.147.27)
Water of the Flowery Mill, 1944, Arshile Gorky (American, born Armenia), Oil on canvas (56.205.1)
Woman, 1950, Willem de Kooning (American, born the Netherlands), Oil, cut and pasted paper on cardboard (1984.613.6)