Technical Analysis and Treatment of Two Nineteenth-Century Enameled Vases Produced by Tiffany & Co.

In this lecture series, Museum curators showcase the architectural elements, silver, ceramics, furniture, and other works now on view in The American Wing.

Conservator Anne R. Grady presents the ongoing technical analysis and treatment of two nineteenth-century enameled vases produced by Tiffany & Co: The Adams Vase (1893-95), designed by Paulding Farnham, and The Magnolia Vase (1893), designed by John T. Curran. The temporary closing of The American Wing for renovation provided a rare opportunity to undertake the analysis and treatment of these two treasures.

Anne R. Grady, Sherman Fairchild Fellow, Objects Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This Saturday at the Met is made possible by the Clara Lloyd-Smith Weber Fund.

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