Kids' Zone

#MetKids—Made for, with, and by Kids. Launches September 2015!

#MetKids is a digital feature made for, with, and by kids and the Met!

In this sneak peek, you'll see some of the things we'll have when the project launches in September 2015. Whether you're from New York City or across the globe, with #MetKids you'll get to:

•   Explore the Met using an interactive map
•   Watch behind-the-scenes videos that feature kids just like you
•   Travel through more than five thousand years of art in our time machine
•   Discover fun facts about works of art—from dragons to dancers, and from mummies to masks and more
•   Try out creative projects for at home or in the galleries
•   Stay up-to-date with our #MetKids blog

#MetKids has been inspired, tested, and approved by real kids ages 7–12. We think that everyone can learn something from a kid-friendly explanation, and especially from the questions you are bold enough to ask. Be a part of it!

For more information, including news and exciting #MetKids events, please visit MetKids or email metkids@metmuseum.org.


About #MetKids

Music: Löhstana David, "Petit Talibé, Instrumental Version," provided by Jamendo

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How did you get all this stuff to fit in one big museum?

How do you take care of objects without damaging them?

Are doodles art? I want to find out.

I was wondering what the hieroglyphics on this temple mean.

When I walk into this gallery, I wonder how the instruments sound and how the Museum got them.

I've always wondered why Egypt is so ancient.