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Socialize and Meditate

Evelin, TAG Member; and Garrett, TAG Member

Posted: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

«As Kristen and Ethan wrote last week, the Teen Advisory Group spent its last meeting of the summer wandering around the Museum with cameras. As we explored the building, we learned that the Met provides a space in which people can both socialize with others and meditate by themselves. Our photographs show people who discovered really cool spots at the Met to hang out with friends or to spend time on their own.»

The Met is a place to improve social relationships while learning about and interacting with fantastic art. Looking at works of art provides a wonderful starting point to learn about your companions, and it stimulates engaging discussion. Garrett's photograph below shows friends spending time together near the Temple of Dendur.

Garrett. Friends in the Temple of Dendur, 2012

The Met is full of people who want to socialize as they learn about various artists. But there are also spaces in the Met that offer a quiet and calm environment, which allows people to relax. Evelin's photograph below captures a person looking out a window, seemingly lost in thought. Quiet locations like this one allow visitors to let their minds wander.

Evelin. Looking Out the Window in the Japanese Reading Room, 2012

Scroll through the slideshow below to see more of the moments we captured with our camera.

View a slideshow of our photographs.

Do you have a favorite spot in the Met where you like to spend quiet time or socialize with your friends?

We welcome your response to this question below.

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Evelin is a member of the Museum's Teen Advisory Group.

Garrett is a member of the Museum's Teen Advisory Group.

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