Suggested Itineraries

Choose one of our suggested itineraries to help you navigate the thousands of works on view at the Met. Each itinerary includes a map of the route and an estimate of the time it will take to complete. All of the itineraries feature masterpieces from the Museum's vast collection, and offer interesting insights and stories to engage and inspire you during your visit.

Medieval Art

From ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe to Africa, Oceania, and then on to the classical world of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, you will encounter works that reflect humankind's highest achievements.

This itinerary is also available as an Audio Guide in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Itineraries, The View of Toledo

Discover extraordinary holdings from throughout Asia, one of the world's finest collections of old master paintings from Europe, the art of the Ancient Near East, and beloved masterpieces of Impressionist, post-Impressionist, and modern art.

Live Arts at the Met: A Site-Specific Performance Itinerary

Visit ten of the Museum's iconic galleries that have become premier performance spaces during the first three seasons of Met Museum Presents live-arts programming.

Monuments Men Itinerary

See artworks in the Metropolitan Museum's collection that were courageously saved by the Monuments Men, a group of unlikely heroes culled from the art world who risked their lives to preserve Europe's cultural treasures during World War II.

The Temple of Dendur

If the Metropolitan Museum is so big to you that it seems a continent, then how about seeing it one "country" at a time? Start with Egypt!

Itineraries, Greece

Our youngest visitors can discover the Met at their own speed, one nook and cranny at a time.

Itineraries, Gubbio

Capturing the Museum's depth and breadth, this itinerary will lead you through galleries that range from quietly intimate and personal to dramatic and awe inspiring.

Itineraries, Cubiculum

Two members of our staff designed this itinerary to reflect their favorite works in our collection as well as those of our visitors.

Celebrity Itinerary

Explore the collection via the What's Your Met? itinerary, which features objects handpicked by celebrities.

Director, Thomas P. Campbell

Explore the Met's encyclopedic collection with Thomas P. Campbell.

The Director's Tour is available in English, French (français), German (Deutsch), Italian (italiano), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Chinese (Mandarin) (中文), Portuguese (português), Russian (русский), and Spanish (español).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide provides a comprehensive view of art history spanning five millennia and the entire globe.

The Guide is also available in Chinese (中文(简体) 旧版), French (français), Italian (italiano), Japanese (日本語), Portuguese (português), and Spanish (español).