The Metropolitan Pooled Income Fund

This arrangement operates somewhat like a mutual fund. The Fund accepts irrevocable gifts from many donors, manages them as a common fund, and then distributes the income proportionately to the beneficiaries.

  • You can make gifts with cash or marketable (but not tax-exempt) securities. The minimum gift is $10,000.
  • The income may be paid to one or two beneficiaries and will vary depending on the earnings of the fund.
  • You will receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction for some portion of your gift.
  • Upon the death of the beneficiary, the remaining principal passes to the Metropolitan for the purpose the donor has stipulated or for the Museum's general purposes.

Our Planned Giving Calculator is designed to provide you with an illustration of the income and tax benefits to which you may be entitled if you make a planned gift to benefit the Metropolitan.

An example illustrates how the Pooled Income Fund works.


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