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The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford, vol. III

Author: Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford (British, London 1717–1797 London)
Editor: Robert G. Berry
Publisher: G. G. and J. Robinson (London)
Publisher: J. Edwards (London)
Sitter: Eleanor, Queen of England (ca. 1223–1291)
Sitter: Henry III, King of England (Winchester, 1207–1272)
Sitter: Henry V, King of England (Monmouth, Wales 1386/87–1422 Vincennes, France)
Sitter: Catherine, Queen of England (1401–1437)
Sitter: Henry VI, King of England (Windsor 1421–1471 London)
Sitter: Margaret, Queen of England (1430–1482)
Sitter: Jan Gossart (called Mabuse) (Netherlandish, Maubeuge ca. 1478–1532 Antwerp (?))
Sitter: Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland (British, Pembrokeshire, Wales 1457–1509 Richmond)
Sitter: Elizabeth of York, Queen of England (1466–1503)
Sitter: Hans Holbein the Younger (German, Augsburg 1497/98–1543 London)
Sitter: Antonis Mor (Flemish, Utrecht ca. 1512/20–ca. 1576 Antwerp)
Sitter: Joos van Cleve (Netherlandish, Cleve ca. 1485–1540/41 Antwerp)
Sitter: Edward Courtenary, Earl of Devon (British, 1526–1556)
Sitter: Cornelis Govertszoon Ketel (Netherlandish, Gouda 1548–1616 Amsterdam (active France and England))
Sitter: Federico Zuccaro (Zuccari) (Italian, Sant'Angelo in Vado 1540/42–1609 Ancona)
Sitter: Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (Flemish, Bruges 1561–1635/36 London)
Sitter: Hendrick (Cornelisz) Vroom (Dutch, Haarlem ca. 1563–1640 Haarlem)
Sitter: Nicholas Hilliard (British, Exeter ca. 1547–1619 London)
Sitter: Isaac Oliver (British, ca. 1565–1617)
Sitter: Sir Nathaniel Bacon (British, Suffolk 1585–1627)
Sitter: Paul van Somer (Flemish, Antwerp (?) ca. 1577–1621/22)
Sitter: Cornelius Johnson (British, London, baptised 1593–1661 Utrecht)
Sitter: Daniel Mytens I (Dutch (Flemish origin), Delft ca. 1590–ca. 1647 The Hague (?))
Sitter: Peter Oliver (British, London, 1589/1594–1647 Isleworth, Middlesex)
Sitter: Henry Gyles (British, Micklegate, York baptized 1646–1709)
Sitter: Nicholas Stone I (British, Devon 1585/88–1647 London)
Sitter: Nicholas Stone II (British, London baptized 1618–1647 London)
Sitter: Henry Stone (British, London baptized 1616–1653 London)
Sitter: Abraham van der Doort (British, 1575/85–1640)
Sitter: Sir Balthazar Gerbier (Flemish, Middelburg 1592–1663/67 Berkshire, England)
Sitter: Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish, Siegen 1577–1640 Antwerp)
Sitter: Anthony van Dyck (Flemish, Antwerp 1599–1641 London)
Sitter: Cornelis van Poelenburch (Dutch, Utrecht (?) 1594/95–1667 Utrecht)
Sitter: Hendrick van Steenwijck II (Flemish, Antwerp (?) ca. 1580–1649 Leiden)
Sitter: George Jamesone (British, Aberdeen, Scotland 1589/1590–1644)
Sitter: William Dobson (British, London 1611–1646 London)
Sitter: Gerrit van Honthorst (Dutch, Utrecht 1592–1656 Utrecht)
Sitter: Jan van Belcamp (Dutch, ca. 1610–1653)
Sitter: George Geldorp (Flemish, born Antwerp or Cologne, died London, 1658/65 (?))
Sitter: Orazio Gentileschi (Italian, Pisa 1563–1639 London)
Sitter: Edward Mascall (British, ca. 1627–after 1675)
Sitter: Nicholas Lanier (British, baptised London 1588–1666 London)
Sitter: Frans Wouters (Flemish, Lier 1612–1659 Antwerp)
Sitter: Adriaen Hanneman (Dutch, The Hague 1603/4–1671 The Hague)
Sitter: Franz Cleyn (German, Rostock 1582–1658 London)
Sitter: Jean Petitot (Swiss, Geneva 1607–1691 Geneva)
Sitter: Sir Toby Matthew (British, Salisbury 1577–1655 Ghent)
Sitter: Johannes Torrentius (Dutch, Amsterdam 1589–1644 Amsterdam)
Sitter: Edward Pierce (Pearce) I (British, 1598–1658 Leicestershire)
Sitter: Edward Pierce (Pearce) II (British, London ca. 1635–ca. 1695 London)
Sitter: Hubert Le Sueur (French, Paris ca. 1580–ca. 1670 Paris)
Sitter: Inigo Jones (British, London 1573–1652 London)
Sitter: John Lambert I (British, Kirkby Malhamdale, Yorkshire 1619–1684 Plymouth)
Sitter: Robert Walker (British, 1595/1610?–?1659)
Sitter: Isaac Fuller (British, 1606/20–1672 London)
Sitter: Robert Streater (British, London 1621–1679 London)
Sitter: Jan Frans van Son (Flemish, Antwerp, 1658–ca. 1718)
Sitter: Abraham Danielszoon Hondius (Dutch, Rotterdam (?) ca. 1625–1691 London (active England))
Sitter: Sir Peter Lely (Pieter van der Faes) (British, Soest 1618–1680 London)
Sitter: John Greenhill (British, Salisbury 1644–1676 London)
Sitter: John Baptist Gaspars (Flemish, Antwerp ca. 1620–1691 London)
Sitter: Anne Killigrew (British, London 1660–1685 London)
Sitter: Thomas Flatman (British, London 1635–1688 London)
Sitter: Claude Lefèbvre (French, Fontainebleau 1632–1675 Paris)
Sitter: John Hayls (British, active ca. 1645, died 1679)
Sitter: Antonio Verrio (Italian, Lecce ca. 1639–1707 London (active England))
Sitter: Gilbert Soest (Dutch (active England), ca. 1605–1681 London)
Sitter: Gerard Edema (Dutch, Friesland or Amsterdam ca. 1652–ca. 1707 Richmond, Surrey)
Sitter: Jan Griffier I (British, Amsterdam ca. 1645–1718 London)
Sitter: Pieter Gerritsz. van Roestraten (Dutch, Haarlem 1630–1700 London)
Sitter: Willem van de Velde II (Dutch, Leiden 1633–1707 London)
Sitter: Willem Wissing (Dutch, Amsterdam or The Hague 1656–1687 Stamford)
Sitter: Samuel Cooper (British, London (?) 1608?–1672 London)
Sitter: Richard Gibson (British, 1605/15?–1690 London)
Sitter: Richard Gibson (British, 1605/15?–1690 London)
Sitter: Mary Beale (British, Barrow, Suffolk baptised 1633–1699 London)
Sitter: Charles Beale (British, London 1660–1714 London)
Sitter: Caius Gabriel Cibber (Danish, Flensborg 1630–1700 London (active London))
Sitter: Grinling Gibbons (British (born The Netherlands), Rotterdam 1648–1721 London)
Sitter: Sir Christopher Wren (British, East Knoyle, Wiltshire 1632–1723 London)
Sitter: Hugh Howard (British, Dublin 1675–1738 London)
Sitter: Jean Charles Delafosse (French, Paris 1734–1789 Paris)
Sitter: Henry Tilson (British, England ca. 1659–1695 London)
Sitter: Jan Siberechts (Flemish, Antwerp 1627–ca. 1703 London)
Sitter: Sir Godfrey Kneller (German, Lübeck 1646–1723 London)
Sitter: John Zacharias Kneller (German (active England), Lübeck, Germany 1642–1702 London)
Sitter: Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (French, Lille 1636–1699 London)
Sitter: Simon Du Bois (Flemish, baptized Antwerp 1632–1708 London (active England))
Sitter: Henry Cook (British, ca. 1642–1700 London)
Sitter: John Riley (British, London, 1646–1691)
Sitter: Egbert Jasperszoon van Heemskerck I (Dutch, Haarlem 1634/35–1704 London (active England))
Sitter: Pieter van der Meulen (Flemish, born 1638 (active London))
Sitter: Anton Schoonjans (Sevonyans) (Dutch, ca. 1655–1726)
Sitter: Herbert Tuer (British, active 1650, died Utrecht, ca. 1680)
Sitter: Sir John Baptiste de Medina (Belgian Flemish, Brussels 1659–1710 Edinburgh)
Sitter: Godfried Schalcken (Dutch, Made 1643–1706 The Hague)
Sitter: Adriaen van Diest (Dutch (active England), The Hague ca. 1655–1704 London)
Sitter: Francis Le Piper (British, 1640–1698 London)
Sitter: Jan Wyck (Dutch, Haarlem ca. 1640–1700 Mortlake, Surrey (active England))
Sitter: Thomas Wijck (Dutch, Beverwijck, near Haarlem 1616?–1677 Haarlem)
Sitter: Marco Ricci (Italian, Belluno 1676–1730 Venice (?))
Sitter: William Talman (British, baptised London 1650–1719 Norfolk)
Sitter: Sir Ralph Cole, 2nd Baronet (British, baptized 1629–1704)
Sitter: Sebastiano Ricci (Italian, Belluno 1659–1734 Venice)
Sitter: Thomas Murray (British (born Scotland), 1663–1735)
Sitter: Charles Boit (Swedish, Stockholm 1662/63–1727 Paris (active Britain))
Sitter: Sir John Vanbrugh (British, London 1664–1726 London)
Sitter: Louis Laguerre (French, Paris 1663–1721 London (active Britain))
Sitter: Charles Jervas (British, Clonlisk, Shinrone, Offaly, Ireland 1675–1739 London)
Sitter: Bernard Lens II (British, 1659/60–1725)
Sitter: Michael Dahl (Swedish, Stockholm 1659–1743 London)
Sitter: Jonathan Richardson Sr. (British, London 1667–1745 London)
Sitter: Sir James Thornhill (British, Woolland, Dorset (?) 1675/76–1734 Stalbridge, Dorset)
Sitter: Peter Monamy (British, London 1681–1749 London)
Sitter: Peter Tillemans (Flemish, Antwerp ca. 1684–1734 Norton, Suffolk (active Britain))
Sitter: Enoch Seeman the Younger (German, Danzig ca. 1690–1744 London)
Sitter: Antoine Watteau (French, Valenciennes 1684–1721 Nogent-sur-Marne)
Sitter: Jacques-Antoine Arlaud (Swiss, Geneva 1668–1743 Geneva (active France))
Sitter: James Gibbs (British, Aberdeen, Scotland 1682–1754 London)
Sitter: Charles Christian Reisen (British, London baptised 1679–1725)
Sitter: Philip Mercier (French, Berlin 1689/91–1760 London (active England))
Sitter: George Lambert (British, 1699/1700–1765 London)
Sitter: Thomas Worlidge (British, Peterborough 1700–1766 Hammersmith)
Sitter: William Hogarth (British, London 1697–1764 London)
Sitter: Christian Friedrich Zincke (German, Dresden 1683/85–1767 London)
Sitter: Jean Étienne Liotard (Swiss, Geneva 1702–1789 Geneva)
Sitter: John Michael Rysbrack (Flemish, Antwerp 1694–1770 London)
Sitter: Louis François Roubiliac (British (born France), Lyons 1695/1702–1762 London)
Sitter: Laurent Delvaux (Flemish, Ghent ca. 1695–1778 Nivelles (active Britain))
Sitter: Henry Herbert, ninth earl of Pembroke (British, ca. 1689/93–1751)
Sitter: Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington (British, London 1694–1753 London)
Sitter: William Kent (British, Bridlington, Yorkshire ca. 1685–1748 London)
Date: 1798
Medium: Illustrations: stipple engraving, engraving and etching
Dimensions: 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. (31.8 x 24.1 cm)
Classification: Books
Credit Line: Gift of Harvey Smith, 1981
Accession Number: 1981.1202.1(3)

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