Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures
September 21, 2011–January 29, 2012
Selected Artworks (141-150 of 155 Results)
A large mmaso in the southern Anyi traditional area of Sanwi
Date: ca. 1900
Medium: Postcard
Kot Mábíínc (r. 1919–39)
Date: 1929–37
The king of Oyo crowned (Adeyemi I Alowolodu, r. 1876–1905)
Arthur F. Humphrey III
Date: Early 20th century
Medium: Postcard
Great chief of Balé (King Fonyonga II of Bali-Nyonga, r. 1901–40)
Date: ca. 1935
Medium: Postcard, collotype
The queen Ranavalona III [b. 1861; r. 1883-1897, d. 1917]
Date: ca. 1906
Medium: Postcard, collotype
Type of Sakalava woman [Queen Binao of the Sakalava kingdom; r. 1895-1927]
Date: around 1904
Medium: Postcard, collotype
Chief Dombi (Ndombe) and his son
Date: ca. 1913
Medium: Postcard, collotype
Sakalava women [Queen Binao of the Sakalava kingdom, r. 1895-1927, and attendant]
Date: around 1904
Medium: Postcard, collotype
Nyakandaiy Julie Kapeku with a chiwimba, Zambia
Phyllis Galembo
(American, born 1952)
Date: 2007
Medium: Lifochrome print
Accession Number: 2012.531.1
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