Turkmen Jewelry from the Collection of Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf

October 9, 2012–February 24, 2013

Teke Jewelry

Most of the objects in this section of the exhibition are products of the Teke, a subtribe of the Turkmen living in the Merv oasis. Bold, uncrowded compositions of contrasting fire-gilded and plain silver set with table-cut carnelians characterize the work of Teke craftsmen. Pieces such as the double-cordiform pendant have openwork arabesques—a common motif in Teke jewelry—that join its two main elements. In addition to pectoral and dorsal ornaments worn by women, this case includes a man’s large belt with decorative appliqués. The combs, begging bowl, and triangular amulet holder were produced in an urban setting and contrast with the Teke pieces in decoration and technique.

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