Roman Grandeur: The Antiquities of Tunisia

Dougga, Tunisia. Photo by Damian Entwistle

April 13–25, 2015

Explore fascinating Tunis, with its ancient architecture, traditional souks, and splendid Bardo National Museum. Drive to Carthage, site of a once great trading empire, and Dougga, one of the most complete Roman sites in North Africa. Visit picturesque Sidi Bou Said, where Paul Klee and August Macke painted, and travel to Kairouan to tour sites including Uthina, Sousse, El Jem, and Sbeitla. Experience the majesty of the desert at a deluxe tented camp and discover the Ksours area, known for its Berber fortresses.

Traveling with You: Elizabeth Milleker, senior research fellow at the Metropolitan Museum

Land Rate: $8,995

Download the brochure (PDF).

Above: Dougga, Tunisia. Photo by Damian Entwistle

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