The Observant Eye

No Revolt: Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II

Gather with other college and graduate students and curiously minded young adults, and engage in deep discussion and close observation in the Ancient Near Eastern Art galleries.

Each session is limited to twenty-five participants. Please use the Observant Eye Registration Form to register. Email observanteye@metmuseum.org for more information.

Made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Jeff C. Tarr

Free with Museum admission, but registration is required

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Friday Evening Gallery Events

Bring your friends and chart your own course through the galleries as you participate in activities that connect you with works of art.

William Hogarth  (British, 1697–1764) | Scholars at a Lecture (detail), January 1736 | 91.1.35

The Museum offers lectures and panels in conjunction with special exhibitions, the permanent collection, and other related topics.

Program Support

Made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Jeff C. Tarr.