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Contemporary Mali: Timbuktu Past and Present

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Dr. Gates in conversation with international war correspondent, Jon Lee Anderson, and Director of Timbuktu’s Mamma Haidara Memorial Library, Dr. Abdel Kader Haidara.

The ancient Timbuktu manuscripts have been the target of Islamic rebels, with attempts to burn and destroy these priceless collections, as well as the libraries that held them.Through more than 1,200 trips, Dr. Haidara personally evacuated more than 20,000 of the manuscripts to safety, at great personal peril. Dr. Gates will discuss with Dr. Haidara why the manuscripts have such lasting importance; and New Yorker international war correspondent Jon Lee Anderson will talk about the current state of affairs in Mali, and what it will take, on an international level, to help reunite the country and return peace. 

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This program is in conjunction with the Mali Now series celebrating contemporary Malian music, culture, and politics.

Tickets to this event include Museum admission.

Above:  Djinguereber Mosque photo by Emilio Labrador

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