Young Woman Seated on a Sofa

Berthe Morisot (French, Bourges 1841–1895 Paris)

ca. 1879
Oil on canvas
31 3/4 x 39 1/4 in. (80.6 x 99.7 cm)
Credit Line:
Partial and Promised Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dillon, 1992
Accession Number:
  • Gallery Label

    At about the time that Morisot depicted this model in her Paris apartment, an admiring critic wrote: "she grinds flower petals onto her palette, in order to spread them later on her canvas with airy, witty touches…producing something vital, fine, and charming." The painter was then at her apogee, having melded the bravura brushwork adopted from her mentor and brother-in-law, Édouard Manet, with her own opalescent tints. Born into an upper-middle-class family, Morisot diverged from societal norms when she established herself as a professional artist, but was highly successful, participating in the official Salons and in seven of the eight Impressionist exhibitions.

  • Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings

    Inscription: Signed (lower left): Berthe Morisot

  • Provenance

    Léon Clapisson, Paris (by 1882–92; sold on April 21, 1892, for Fr 1,500 to Durand-Ruel); [Durand-Ruel, Paris, 1892–95; stock no. 2134; sold in January 1895 to New York branch]; [Durand-Ruel, New York, 1895–96; stock no. 1332; sold on June 16, 1896 to Paris branch]; [Durand-Ruel, Paris, 1896–at least 1921; stock no. 3860; to Durand-Ruel]; Durand-Ruel private collection, Paris (by 1941–at least 1958); [Sam Salz, New York]; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dillon, New York (by 1976)

  • Exhibition History

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  • References

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