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In my first few months as director, some colleagues and I developed the idea of a series that would encourage people to think about the Met's collection in a new way. The result is Connections, a year-long exploration of the Met's holdings by staff from throughout the Museum. These journeys through the collection are not driven so much by art history as by broad, often personal, themes. Some are playful, some are deeply complex.

Here, as works of art are tied together—across time, cultures, and disciplines—we are experiencing our staff's individual responses to these objects, and by extension, introducing new ways to travel through and understand the Met's incredible riches.

I hope you will find these stories as intriguing as I do, and that you will follow them as they appear throughout the year. If we're successful, you'll be inspired to discover your own paths through the Metropolitan Museum and find your own connections to some of the world's greatest works of art.

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