Digital Department

The Digital Department leads the creation, production, presentation, and dissemination of multimedia content to support the viewing and understanding of the Met's collection and exhibitions, both within the galleries and online. The department is responsible for managing electronic documentation and digital assets associated with the Met's collection, publishing the collection information to a variety of platforms, and ensuring greater access to the Met's digital resources. It also supports and develops public-facing technologies and is responsible for the Museum's presence and participation in the online environment, including www.metmuseum.org.

Projection on the wall of the Temple of Dendur

Digital Underground discusses a few of the activities of the department, and invites your questions and comments about the Museum's digital initiatives.

Color the Temple project, in front of the Temple of Dendur. Featuring Diana Patch, Curator in Charge, Department of Egyptian Art, Erin Peters, and Niv Allon

The MediaLab explores the impact that technology can have on the museum experience, looking at the relationship between culture and technology through a variety of lenses. We work with the creative technology community, Met staff, interns, volunteers, and startups on projects that are inexpensive, open source, and rapidly iterated.


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