Conservation and Scientific Research

Scientists and conservators collaborate with curators to study, preserve, and conserve the works in the Museum's collection.

Objects Conservation

Objects conservators provide for the conservation of three-dimensional works of art in the Museum's collection. Staff members also provide conservation support on a number of archaeological excavations, including those sponsored by the Museum, as well as on other international projects.

Paintings Conservation

Paintings conservators support many different facets of the institution's activities, checking hundreds of paintings for loan and taking responsibility for many hundreds more that arrive at the Museum as honored guests to be part of temporary exhibitions and displays.

Paper Conservation

The Paper Conservation Department is dedicated to the preservation, technical analysis, and research of works of art on paper, parchment, and related materials from all periods and cultures held in the Museum's vast collection so that they may be made available for exhibition, education, scholarship, and study.

Photograph Conservation

The Photograph Conservation Department provides preservation, conservation, and research into the history, aesthetics, and technology of images dating from the early history of the medium until the present day.

Scientific Research

The Department of Scientific Research investigates the material aspects of works of art in the Museum's collection. Scientists in the department cooperate with conservators and curators in studying, preserving, and conserving the works in the Museum's collection, and also pursue innovative research in analytical techniques, preventive conservation, and treatment methodologies.

Textile Conservation
The Department of Textile Conservation responds to the need for preservation, conservation, technical study, and research of the Museum's core collection of approximately 36,000 textiles from several curatorial departments. The department is responsible for setting guidelines for storage, care and handling, and display of this collection.
Costume Institute Conservation

The Costume Institute's Conservation Department supports an active curatorial program of exhibitions, publications, and loans through its preservation, conservation, and technical research of the thirty-five thousand objects in The Costume Institute's collection.

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