Guided Tour Program Volunteers

The Volunteer Organization of the Metropolitan Museum recruits and trains volunteers for the Museum's Guided Tour Programs, designed to serve the needs and interests of our diverse visitors, from elementary school children to adults. No prior art history background or work experience is required to volunteer; however, those wishing to volunteer in the Guided Tour Programs should be comfortable working and communicating with the public. Volunteers for these positions undergo extensive, rigorous training to achieve the highest standards of content and presentation.

All accepted applicants for Guided Tour Programs are required to attend a yearlong training course concentrating on the history of art as it applies to the Museum's collection, as well as on presentation skills and research techniques. For those entering the Weekday Program, full-day training classes are held on Mondays, with some additional Tuesday sessions. After the initial training year, mandatory ongoing training continues during the academic year. Volunteers are responsible for extensive research and preparation for their weekly tours. Volunteering in the Museum's Guided Tour Programs requires a high degree of motivation and dedication, and a minimum commitment of at least three years. The experience is highly rewarding.

Interested applicants are encouraged to follow volunteer-led guided tours before applying.

Please read the following program descriptions to determine to which program you would like to apply.

Guided Tour Programs for Adults

Guided Highlights Tours

Volunteers in this program conduct regularly scheduled one-hour Highlights Tours designed to give visitors a general introduction to the Museum's collection. These tours are given in English and nine other languages (see International Guided Tours below).

International Guided Tours

International Guided Tours are designed to introduce international visitors to the Museum's collection. These one-hour tours are offered in nine languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Candidates for this program must be proficient in English in addition to the language in which they will be conducting tours. All training is conducted in English.

Guided Tour Programs for School Groups

All school tours are given Monday through Friday, in English only. Volunteer guides are responsible for the research, preparation, and presentation of their tours. Each guide is expected to give an average of one tour per week during the school year.

First Views (Grades 1–3)

First Views introduces students in grades one through three to the art, culture, and history in the Museum through creative and thematic guided tours. These tours develop observational and descriptive skills and enable young students to discover connections among different cultures and foster an appreciation of the arts. These tours also include sketching in the galleries. First Views guides attend general and specialized training sessions.

Grades 4–12

Grades 4–12 School Program guides lead a variety of thematic tours for students that provide engaging learning experiences and introductions to the Museum's collection through lively discussion in the galleries.

Special Education Services

Volunteers for Special Education Services are devoted to meeting the special needs of students of all ages, including those with sensory, developmental, or physical disabilities. These tours explore creative approaches to art and culture. The groups are kept small in order to facilitate optimal interaction between student and guide. Guides receive additional training in the art of helping students with learning differences.

The Cloisters Museum and Gardens

Volunteer guides at The Cloisters museum and gardens conduct tours focusing on the art and culture of the medieval period for school groups throughout the academic year. The tours are given at The Cloisters, a branch of the Museum located in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan. Volunteers work with students in the galleries one day per week.

Applications and Inquiries

Currently, we are not accepting applications for the Guided Tour Program. Please check back in fall 2015 for information about the 2016 Guided Tour Program application.

Note: The Volunteer Organization does not accept applications from high school or college students. Tristate-area high school students are eligible to apply for a paid internship. Several internships are offered for college and graduate students.

Current volunteers and coordinators may log in here to schedule shifts, view important announcements, and update contact information.