Family Guides

Strike a pose, hunt for details, and learn a fun fact or two! Learn more about a theme or idea as you look at works of art in the Met's collection. See how different cultures show the same subject in art. Many of these guides are also available for free at the Information Desks.

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Please note: sometimes we have to move works of art to different galleries or place them temporarily off view.

Animals All Around

Animals are everywhere in the Greek Galleries at the Met. Become an explorer and search for all kinds of creatures, big and small, as you learn why animals were important to the ancient Greeks.

Download this family guide (PDF).


El hecho de que una armadura sea funcional no significa que no pueda ser hermosa. Mientras exploran las galerías de Armas y Armaduras, observen los patrones y los diseños que usaban para decorar los equipos de batalla alrededor del mundo.

Descargue esta guía para la familia (PDF).

Childe Hassam

Experience snow-covered Union Square, stop to smell the flowers in a garden, and salute the flags of the world on Fifth Avenue as you learn about paintings by Childe Hassam, American Impressionist.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Creature Features

Fangs, claws, wings, and beaks! Look at three examples of imaginary creatures in the Museum.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Dazzling Details

Zoom in to explore amazing works of art as you learn about some of the many cultures that make up the Islamic world.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Every Picture Tells a Story

Just as authors tell tales with words, artists use paint to describe scenes, characters, action, and conversations. Use this guide to look at paintings that tell stories.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Explore African Art

Explore works of art used in rituals and performances in four African countries, and find out what secret wisdom they reveal!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Fierce or Fancy?

Weapon or work of art, or both? For battle or just for show? Discover the art of Arms and Armor, find out fun facts, and use your imagination!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Gilbert Stuart: Making Faces

Who was Gilbert Stuart and what did he do? How did he get to know George Washington and so many other famous people? And what was his connection to the United States dollar bill?

Download this family guide (PDF).

The Harvesters

Join workers as they labor in the field during the harvest season and learn how Pieter Bruegel the Elder depicted their experience with nature.

Download this family guide (PDF).

In and Out

Why do doors exist? There are many different types of doors and doorways. Take a walk around the Museum to find doors and doorways from many centuries and different parts of the world.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Journey to a Chinese Garden Court

Leave the hustle and bustle and explore the Astor Chinese Garden Court. Discover the beauty of nature around you—right within the Museum's walls!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Kings, Wings, and Other Things

Travel back in time to the ancient Near East to meet a powerful king and discover all kinds of creatures!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Let's Look at Stained Glass

What do you get when you mix bright colors, melted sand, and sunshine? Read about how stained-glass windows are created and learn more about two windows in the Museum.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Make Your Mark

Get out your pencils! Learn the basics of sketching by looking at works of art in the Museum's collection.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Once Upon at Time in Rome

Discover portraits, coins, wall paintings, animals, and more—all the way from ancient Rome. You might be surprised to find many objects that we still use today!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Explore Greek mythology at the Met! Follow Percy's footsteps to meet the characters who inspired Rick Riordan's book The Lightning Thief!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Shall We Dance?

How does movement appear in a still work of art? Since ancient times, artists have depicted the art of dance.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Six Women, Six Stories

Look at six female artists, their amazing works of art, and their fascinating stories!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Think Sphinx

Search for sphinxes in the Met's Egyptian galleries! Look closely to uncover the secrets of this part-human, part-lion creature.

Download this family guide (PDF).

What Should I Wear Today?

Show your style as you explore the European Paintings and 19th- and Early 20th-Century galleries with fashions from The Costume Institute!

Download this family guide (PDF).

Young in America

Look and imagine in the American Wing! Use this guide to explore the galleries and discover what it once was like to be young in America.

Download this family guide (PDF).

Kids' Picks

What are kids' favorite things to see in the Museum? Take a look at what some of our young visitors picked!

Download this issue of Kids' Q&A (PDF).

Los Favoritos de los ninos

¿Qué prefieren ver los niños en el Museo? ¡Mire lo que escogieron algunos de nuestros visitantes jóvenes!

Descargue esta entrega de Kids' Q&A (PDF).

Mysterious Mummies

What's beneath the bandages of those mysterious mummies? We've got the scoop.

Download this issue of Kids' Q&A (PDF).

The Art of Chess

See how chess has inspired artists from different times and cultures to create beautiful works of art. Take a look at just a few pieces in the Museum—an individual chess piece, a complete chess set, a painting of chess players, and a chess table.

Download this issue of MuseumKids (PDF).

Behind the Scenes at the Met

What really goes on at the Museum when it is closed? We've got the answers—and soon, you will, too.

Download this issue of MuseumKids (PDF).

The Facts Issue

How many lightbulbs does the Museum order in a year? How many people visit the Museum in a day? Discover the answer to these and other questions in this issue of fun facts.

Download this issue of MuseumKids (PDF).

The Garden Issue

The Museum blooms all over. Find out where and how in the garden issue.

Download this issue of MuseumKids (PDF).

The "Mixed-Up Files" Issue

Calling all fans of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler—we've got an exclusive interview with the author, E. L. Konigsburg, plus a Mixed-Up Files tour at the Met!

Download this issue of MuseumKids (PDF).

Weaving a Story at the Met

Learn the story behind one of the Museum's most beautiful tapestries. You can print out a fun activity, too!

Download this issue of MuseumKids (PDF).

What is Art Conservation?

Detergent? Sponges? Brushes? How do people take care of the many different works of art at the Met? Check out this issue of MuseumKids for an introduction to how we preserve some of the objects in the Museum.

Download this issue of MuseumKids (PDF).

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